12 C’s of Christmas for your pet business


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AS we wind down to the holidays it’s a time to reflect on the year and this week’s podcast is looking at 12 C’s which will help your pet business thrive.

Each word beginning with C is something to consider when you’re marketing your pet business, in your interactions with your customers and also, when taking care of YOU.

Every word has been chosen with the intention of it helping you when it comes to putting yourself out there and to give you things to consider that can help you grow.

And to help ensure your customers feel special, feel part of something, feel that you care about them, so they remain loyal and rave about you to others.

I hope you’re tuning in with a hot chocolate, maybe winding down with a mince pie or a glass of Baileys ahead of a wonderful Christmas.

You can listen in on the player link below or carry on reading the 12 C’s as a blog.


How do you show your customers or community that you care about them? 

It could be handwritten thank you notes with each order, follow on videos or emails, going above and beyond or sending gifts to make them feel valued. 

People are still spending but are being discerning on where they spend, so showing you care makes you stand out.


Do you have a community around your pet business that makes people feel part of something?

This might be physical, where people meet, like Zoe’s from Best Behaviour Dog Training, where she meets for her training in a PUB.

It might be you go out in your community and are very visible, like Sandra from Happipup.

Or you may have an online community like Debbie from Redhound who has a wonderful group for Whippet owners where they have events, raise money for charity, and really connect.


Is it clear what you do in your pet business? I know this can sound obvious but have you revisited your messaging recently?

Is it easy for people to quickly grasp what you do?


As small business owners without huge budgets and marketing teams (imagine) we need to be creative when it comes to getting seen and heard.

How can you do this so you stand out? Listen to the podcast with Aileen Stevenson for inspiration for meaningful social media.

And go and check out Kerry Whitney from Frankys Bowtique and her ‘Daft Dance’ reels that helped grow her business. 


If we’re trying new things and being brave, we have to accept that we’re going to be crap at first.

And if we’re not being crap, we’re standing still. So have a think about what you’re going to be crap at in 2023 because that means your trying something new.


What gives you confidence in your pet business?

There’s your clients’ confidence in you and your product or service.

And your confidence in your skills and sharing them so people know how you can help them.

It might be building your confidence with video or writing, having your branding or website done or simply having support through a network of cheerleaders who are there for you through the ups and the downs.


Don’t assume everyone treats animals with compassion – think aversive trainers, people who are cruel or exploit animals – so it’s essential to be clear that you do.

And we need to be compassionate to ourselves too which is a bit more than being ‘kind’ – it’s about treating ourselves as we’d treat others.

Caring for you, not telling yourself how rubbish you are, knowing it’s ok to feel down sometimes.

Looking at your achievements rather than what didn’t work out and turning down the incessant rabbiting of your inner critic.


What’s your favourite way to communicate with your people?

Video? Email? Podcast? Blogs? Social media?

Or is there something new you’re planning on trying in 2023? If you’re thinking podcast then listen to this chat with Ant McGinley, king of podcasting on how to start a podcast

If it’s a blog, try How to start a pet blog.


Everything can feel a bit out of control at this time of year and it’s also a time to reflect on how your business feels at the moment.

Are you in control or does your pet business feel like an octopus with different strands all over the place?

Control for you might be setting boundaries, protecting your time off or like my fab client Kim O’Donnell from Leo, Charley and Me, it was shutting down for a month.

She took back control from the chaos that’s happening at the moment and after a bumper year, she’s taking a well earned rest.

Do you feel like you’re sending the message to your clients or customers that you’re in cool, calm and collected?


I don’t mean compare yourself to others but instead to only be in competition with yourself.

It’s tempting to look at others and feel like you don’t measure up, but you don’t know the full picture of what’s going on in other people’s lives and businesses.

Someone you might feel is so far ahead of you might have been doing it for years, they might have a team, they might have investment.

It’s like running, you wouldn’t compare yourself to an Olympian when you start Couch to 5k, you look at your last personal best, your own achievements, you versus you. 

Listen to How to stop comparisonitis holding you back with Kate Hoyle 


There are people out there who can help you and want to support you so who can you partner with?

This could be other local businesses, communities, people whose products complement yours, people who have an audience who you can help.

If you’re looking for recommendations and connections, this is something I LOVE doing, so come and join my free Facebook community if you’re not there already – search Publicity for Pet Businesses.

And if you’d like to work more closely, my Pets Get Visible mini-membership is where you get daily support for this kind of thing for just £15 a month.


A coach is a sounding board, and they could be a friend, colleague, partner, parent, one of your kids, simply someone who listens and supports you.

Who helps join up the dots when you’re trying to figure stuff out. 

Who helps you see opportunities when your head is up your bum!

Who is there to celebrate the wins and pick you up after the wobbles.

Or you could have a coach or be part of a more structured coaching community.

If you’ve liked the 12 C’s of Christmas and you’d like to work together, my Pets Get Visible mini-membership is all about content, coaching and community.

It’s a year long commitment and is just £20 a month or £220 for the year.

Head here to find out more: https://rachelspencer.co.uk/invitation-pets-get-visible/

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