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Would you love to create more core content on your website regularly but find it time consuming?

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When it comes to sticking to a consistent schedule it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

This is why lots of small business owners start with great intentions when it comes to content marketing but tend to tail off if it gets too much.

In this episode I’m going to talk about apps, tools and software that can help you when it comes to blogs, podcasts and video content.

The aim is to make it easier for you so you’re more likely to stay on track when it comes to your content goals.

You can listen in on the player link below or continue reading as a blog post.

Why create consistent core content for your pet business?

Getting into the habit of creating core content on your website in the form of a blog, vlog or podcast will get you the paws up from Google.

That means you’ll rise up the rankings, show up for the keywords that you want to be found for, and have a library of helpful information you can send to potential clients.

I always talk about the scenario where a dog owner gets three recommendations for a new dog walker or trainer.

Number one has a Facebook page.

Number two a Facebook page and a website.

Number three has a Facebook page, a website and lots of content about what it’s like to use their service, so content on how it works, case studies, information about the local area.

Their website is a one stop shop for their ideal client.

Which one do you think they would book with? 

If you’d like to learn how to get started with content or improve, the Get Your Pet Business Found on Google course starts in June 2021.

You can find out more and book a place here.

These are the apps, tools, websites and software I find useful in creating content.

Otter Ai

With Otter Ai you can upload a video or audio and it gives you a transcript – wave goodbye to HOURS of transcribing.

This can help with turning your podcast into a blog. It will type out what was said for you and then you just need to tidy it up and take out the ums and errs.

You can also use snippets for social media posts so if you have an idea for a post while you’re out and about, dictate it into the app and it will write it up for you.

The only downside is that it is Ai technology so you will need to check it, however it is so useful for creating content from video and audio.

Pricing: There is a free option where you can record and transcribe live and insert comments, then pricing starts at $8.33 a month


This website uses humans as opposed to Ai technology so it is much more accurate, usually word perfect.

It’s great for creating captions for videos, and I use it for my website, promotional videos in my. Facebook group and my Publicity Challenges.

You send them a video and they send you an SRT file with accurate captions on.

You can use the videos wherever you please, social media, blog, YouTube! 

Pricing: $1.25 per minute 

Get $10 off your first order with my referral link here. *



Canva is fantastic and can be used for social media, blog graphics, newsletters, lead magnets, e books and much more.  

Honestly it takes your graphics from 0 to hero, and I’m not the most tech savvy when it comes to creating artwork.

But Canva is easy to use, full of different fonts, colours, design elements so that you can create content that looks amazing and that people will want to engage with.

This content can be used for your social media, or in your blogs. You can even edit videos on Canva, create reels, infographics, pins for pPnterest… the list goes on. 

Pricing: There is a free version which offers a lot, but if you’re looking to create lots of designs and use stock images then the Pro Plan is £8.33 a month 



I use Dropbox for storage for everything I write and all the video content and files I create. 

It keeps everything in folders which I can organise and arrange, send to clients and people who are helping me on projects.

It’s also ideal for sending files to journalists and picture editors as the links don’t expire and they can download high resolution images and files. 

Pricing: 2G storage is free, Plus plan which has 2KB of storage is £7.99



This is a free way to send pictures, so for instance if you’re doing a guest blog you could send them a link to your images using this. 

The link will expire in two weeks so just be mindful of this.

There’s also a paid version where the links don’t expire with three key benefits. 

You can save everything that inspires you onto boards with Collect, make beautiful slides with Paste®, and send big files around the world with WeTransfer.

Pricing: Free or £8.46 per month for WeTransfer Pro.



This app is great for putting captions on videos, and it’s completely free for videos up to six minutes long! 

You upload your video file, then it will ask you for a ‘.srt’ file. This is something you can order from, edit and upload direct to Kapwing and it puts the captions on.

You can also listen back to the video and put the captions on yourself, simply by typing them in. It’s easy to use, but this is only really suitable for shorter videos.

There’s the option to use different fonts and different colours to highlight the captions or subtitles so they match your brand. 

I use it for videos for social media and in my free Publicity Challenge. 

Pricing: It’s free to export videos up to 7 minutes long and you can publish up to three hours of video per month.

There’s a Pro Plan which is £11.98 if billed monthly for a year or you can pay month by month as you need it for £14.09.



You can add Grammarly to Google Chrome for free and it’s a brilliant tool for writing and spelling. 

If you’re not feeling confident, or you write really fast then this tool is for you.

Grammarly checks your grammar and spelling so you can feel more confident in what you post. 

Pricing: Free


Pixabay and Unsplash

Finding images can be a pain, especially when you’ve used all of your own or if you want something specific. 

Let’s say you’re writing about brushing your dogs teeth but don’t have a decent photo – you can use a stock one instead. 

Or you want a photo of a dog reading a newspaper – there are some AMAZING ones on Unsplash that I’ve used for Facebook ads and blog and social media posts.

Pixabay and Unsplash provide copyright free images that you can use so you won’t get into trouble over copyright, or stealing someone’s photos. 

So if you’re searching for a barking dog or a sleeping cat this is where you want to be looking! 

Pricing: Free



Shuttershock is a paid for, Royalty free image website and if you have a special image you’re looking for, maybe one for your website, consider using this.

It works in the same way as Pixabay and Unsplash where you search for the image you’d like to use and it will make suggestions.

But as it’s a paid for service, there will be more variety, and often better quality images.

Pricing: You can buy an image pack of five images for £29, which is £5.80 per image and this lasts for a year. 



Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform where you can create online courses, membership programmes, host a website, build landing pages and store your e mail list.

I use it to host my courses, all the content for my membership programme and for e mail marketing, so each e mail is created in Kajabi and sent via the software.

It’s also where I have the e mail sequences for freebies lead magnets, such as my Press Release Template, Podcast Pitch Guide, 27 ideas for pet businesses.

Anyone who wants to grab these goes to a page in Kajabi, puts in their e mail and the resource is sent to them. 

You can use it to create sign up and landing pages, so if you have an event like my free publicity challenge, or an online class, people can register.

There’s the option to buy courses via Kajabi which connects to Stripe so you can collect payments.and pay on there.

I use it for my email marketing and landing pages for my course. It can be used in many different ways and is a really handy business tool. 

If you’re interested let me know as I have an affiliate cost which may be useful for you.

Pricing: Plans start at $149 a month but you get a third off with my partner link here.*

Website: *

So I hope that has you feeling inspired to get stuck into content creation.

Let’s connection on social media.

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