Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you?

This week on the podcast, I’m talking about my Pets Get Visible membership so you can see whether you might be a good fit to be part of it. It’s an affordable solution for pet business owners who want to feel comfortable and confident talking about what they do.  For pet professionals who want to […]

Join in the Show Your Pet Business Some Love challenge

Is your pet business marketing in need of some tender loving care? I’d love to invite you to my ‘Show Your Pet Business Some Love’ challenge taking place February 12th to 16th 2024. Sign up by clicking here. It’s a free five-day challenge where you shake things up in your pet business and remember why […]

Growing a successful online dog training business with Caroline Wilkinson

What do you need to create a successful online dog training business? Caroline Wilkinson from Barket Place is a dog trainer, behaviourist, and online pet coach who created her digital business way before the world went online and she’s sharing her experience in this podcast chat. Her background is in digital marketing, and when her […]

Ways to work with me to get your pet business noticed in 2024

Is raising your profile and feeling more confident about being visible one of your goals for 2024? If so, it would be great to chat about working together! As a journalist, pet blogger, and visibility coach specialising in working with small businesses in the pet industry, I’d love to help you get noticed. There are […]

Reflecting on 2023, business buddies and looking forward to 2024

How was 2023 for you? Is it a year you’re happy to look back on or one you’d rather forget? This week’s podcast is about reflecting on the last 12 months, because there will be high points and inside of the challenges there are always lessons. It’s also about looking forward to 2024 and thinking […]

What’s your pet business culture, and why it matters?

Have you ever thought about the culture of your pet business? This topic came up recently during a discovery call with a client, and I realised I had never taken the time to define my own. Your culture is comprised of the values, beliefs, behaviors, and environment that shape your brand or business. It plays […]

Keeping up with the content monsters so you stay visible with Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This week on the ‘Your Pet Business, Your Way’ podcast, I’m chatting with Natasha Courtenay Smith, a journalist turned digital marketing expert who owns several businesses, including Buddy and Lola, a pet supplement brand. Natasha is a powerhouse with a capital ‘P’ when it comes to marketing, and we discuss content monsters and the lessons […]

How to get your pet business Christmas Content Cracked

Christmas is right around the corner and this is such an exciting time for you and your pet business. People love spending money on pets during the holidays, whether it’s treating their furry family members to new toys, tasty treats, fun accessories, and more. If you provide a service, you’ll likely be in high demand […]

The power of taking a pause in your pet business

When you run a business, it can feel like you never stop and there’s so much you need to do. This week’s podcast is about the importance of taking a pause every now and then to take stock, see what’s working, and give yourself a chance to take a breath! I’m talking about how pause […]