Why every pet business should have a win folder

Do you keep track of the wins in your pet business? We can get so bogged down in the day to day running around that we don’t find time to celebrate the good stuff. Or, we DO celebrate when things go well, but it’s soon forgotten when we become stressed or busy. Then, when we’re […]

Three moments you can use to generate story ideas

Would you love to get some press coverage for your pet business but when you try to think of a story idea you draw a blank? You know what it is you do, how you help your customers and the transformation your services might bring. With your products, it’s always so lovely to get positive […]

What journalists want with Marie Carter Robb from Pets Magazine

Have you been thinking of pitching to a journalist but feel a bit nervous as you’re not sure what they look for in a story? Would you love to learn what journalists want? If the answer’s yes you will love this week’s podcast with Marie Carter Robb who is editor of Pets Magazine. Marie has […]

How to get maximum press coverage in minimum time with Emily Thomas

Would you love to raise the profile of your pet business but feel your so busy trying to spin a hundred different plates that you just wouldn’t be able to find the time? If the answer is yes then I think you’ll be inspired with this podcast episode with Emily Thomas who runs two pet […]

Learn how to Get Your Pet Business in the Press in five days

Would you love to learn how to get press coverage for your pet business in five days? If the answer is yes then I’m so excited to invite you to my free five day challenge to help you do exactly that. The Get Your Pet Business in the Press challenge is taking place on Monday […]

Getting your pet business seen everywhere with Carol Ashworth

Putting you and your pet business out there can feel like a minefield.We are continually told about what we should and shouldn’t be doing, what’s right and wrong.It can feel like we’re pulled in so many directions but the reality is to be visible, it’s about finding what works for you.In this episode I’m speaking […]

Using a PR company versus learning how to get your own publicity

Have you thought of hiring a PR company to help raise the profile of your pet business? Maybe you’ve thought about how you’d like to get publicity, so for your product or service to be featured in newspapers, magazines, on the radio or TV but felt unsure of how to go about it. If that’s […]

Publicity Tips From Pet Businesses

Would you like tried and tested publicity tips that have worked for other pet business owners? For them to explain how you can go about getting yourself in the spotlight? To celebrate the Publicity for Pet Businesses podcast being a year old, I’ve invited a group of petpreneurs who have landed fantastic press coverage to […]