How to get more reviews for your pet business

Would you love to have more reviews for your pet product or service? You go above and beyond for your clients and wouldn’t it be lovely if they would shout about you from the rooftops? People are busy going about their day, they’re not thinking about raving about you on the internet, so how do […]

How to protect your pet business from copycats with Debbie Humphreys

What would you do if someone copied your pet business?  That’s what happened to Debbie Humphreys from Redhound for Dogs, not once but TWICE. The first was a department store who copied knitting kits she’d made for dog jumpers. Then someone ripped off her entire product, buying her designs, and using the exact pattern. In […]

What to expect from the Be Bold Bootcamp

Would you love to be more bold when it comes to putting you and your pet business out there? If you’ve been taking part in the Be Bold Bootcamp five day challenge this week, that’s what we’ve been working on. And if you’d like to carry on with the good work and learn ways to […]

Profile raising pet business ideas for Spring

Spring is in the air which means lighter mornings and evenings, no need to wrap up and some much needed sunshine. And we can spend more time outdoors enjoying life with our pets.  After a dreary winter, it’s time to lift our spirits, and think of ways to connect with our customers and potential clients […]

How to use awareness days to get press coverage

Each week there are dozens of awareness days including ones focused on pets and animals that you can use as a Petpreneur to get press coverage. It could be something fun like Dress Up Your Pet Day, something involving your community like National Dog Friendly Day, or have an important message like Pet Obesity Awareness […]

In the spotlight with Sarah Jones from My Anxious Dog

Do you have an anxious dog and get frustrated when other dogs approach them, jump on them and stress them out? When owners say, ‘It’s ok, they’re friendly,’ or, ‘They just want to play,’ or ‘They need telling off.’ If so, Sarah Jones’ story is one you will want to hear. When her Cocker Spaniel […]

How to stop comparisonitis holding you back in your pet business with Kate Hoyle

Have you ever suffered from comparisonitis? You might have found yourself looking at other pet businesses or in a similar space and thinking ‘oh my gosh they do so much more than me?’ Fretting as you see them chat about their waiting list, client base, even their media wins, and spiral yourself into self-doubt? Whilst […]

Five ways to make the most of being in a five day challenge

Are you thinking of taking part in a five day challenge and want to make the most of the time you set aside? Free online challenges provide a brilliant way to learn something new in a short space of time, delivered by an expert. You can add to your skillset and experience what it’s like […]