How to work with a graphic designer with Alison Price

Would you love to have professional looking graphics and imagery for your pet business feel unsure about taking the next step? Investing in how your brand looks can help take you to the next level and get more people to know about what you offer. But the whole ‘brand’ thing can feel uncomfortable. You don’t […]

How to use a podcast for your local service business with Greg Pattison

Do you run a local pet service business and are curious as to how having a podcast might be helpful? If so, you will love this podcast episode with Greg Pattison from Great Paws dog training who hosts the Woofin Pawsome podcast. Greg is proof that podcasts can play a vital role for those in […]

How to use interviews in your pet business content marketing

Would you love to get started with using interviews in your pet business content? Chatting to industry experts and other pet professionals helps keep your marketing material interesting and fresh. You bring a new face to your audience and it can help you build your following too. In this podcast episode I’m breaking down everything […]

Pinterest tips for pet businesses with Tori Mistick

Have you heard really great things about what Pinterest can do for your pet business website? But when you’ve tried to get involved with it you feel completely overwhelmed? If you’re nodding along then my podcast with Tori Mistick is for you.  Tori is a Pinterest expert based in America, where she is also a […]

How to be the perfect podcast guest

Are you thinking of putting yourself forward to appear on a podcast but want to make sure you get it right? Being a guest on a podcast is a brilliant way to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential clients in a really powerful way. Because they’re listening to you, it helps you build a […]

Three moments you can use to generate story ideas

Would you love to get some press coverage for your pet business but when you try to think of a story idea you draw a blank? You know what it is you do, how you help your customers and the transformation your services might bring. With your products, it’s always so lovely to get positive […]

What journalists want with Marie Carter Robb from Pets Magazine

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How to get maximum press coverage in minimum time with Emily Thomas

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Learn how to Get Your Pet Business in the Press in five days

Would you love to learn how to get press coverage for your pet business in five days? If the answer is yes then I’m so excited to invite you to my free five day challenge to help you do exactly that. The Get Your Pet Business in the Press challenge is taking place on Monday […]