10 ways to use ChatGPT in your pet business content marketing


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Have you been reading about ChatGPT and other AI tools and wondering if they might be helpful in your pet business?

When I first tried ChatGPT in January, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would feel using AI to write but my mind was totally blown away by it.

Chat GPT is OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

It describes itself as an ‘AI-based chatbot that uses natural language processing to interact with humans and provide relevant information or responses. 

‘As a large language model, it has been trained on vast amounts of text data and can generate human-like responses to a wide range of questions or prompts.’

So how does that work for your pet business? Can a bot really help with the endless demands for content?

In this podcast episode, I’m sharing 10 ways you can use it, plus the and some of the pitfalls you might experience.

Listen by clicking the link below or you can read the key points covered as a blog. 

After testing out ChatGPT, reading up and listening to lots of information, and chatting to my clients about how they use it, these are 10 ways I think it can help.

I can’t stress enough, I am not suggesting you let ChatGPT create all your pet business content.

My podcast, courses and programmes are all about creating original content, where you get coaching and content inspiration.

But as a journalist and content creator, I feel it is a helpful tool and this is how I feel it could benefit you.

1. Outlines for blog posts, podcasts and videos. 

 If you’re writing a blog, you can put the title into ChatGPT and ask for an outine of subheadings you might like to include. 

This is a bit like using Google ‘people also ask’ which can be helpful when you’re planning the different headings in a post. 

I’ve shared an example below of what happened when I asked for some guidance on a blog about how to groom your dog at home.

Sure, here are some potential subheadings for your blog on how to groom your dog at home:

1. Gathering your grooming supplies: This section can cover the grooming tools and supplies you’ll need to groom your dog at home, including brushes, combs, clippers, nail trimmers, and shampoo.

2. Brushing your dog: Brushing is an essential part of dog grooming, as it helps remove loose fur, dirt, and tangles. In this section, you can cover different types of brushes for different types of coats and explain how to brush your dog properly.

3. Bathing your dog: Dogs should be bathed regularly to keep their coat clean and healthy. This section can cover how often to bathe your dog, what temperature of water to use, and how to choose a dog-friendly shampoo.

4. Trimming your dog’s nails: Overgrown nails can be uncomfortable for your dog and can even lead to health problems. This section can cover how to safely trim your dog’s nails and what to do if you accidentally cut them too short.

5. Cleaning your dog’s ears: Regular ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections and other ear problems. This section can cover how to clean your dog’s ears safely and what signs to look for that may indicate an ear problem.

6. Trimming your dog’s hair: Some breeds require regular haircuts to keep their coat looking neat and tidy. In this section, you can cover how to safely trim your dog’s hair and what tools to use.

7. Dental care for your dog: Dental hygiene is important for your dog’s overall health. This section can cover how to brush your dog’s teeth, what dental chews or toys to use, and when to schedule a dental cleaning with your vet.

8. Dealing with problem areas: This section can cover how to handle problem areas, such as mats or excessive shedding. You can provide tips for removing mats safely and discuss options for managing shedding.

By covering these subheadings, you’ll provide a comprehensive guide to grooming your dog at home, giving your readers the information they need to keep their furry friends healthy and looking their best.

2. Titles for blog posts or webinars. 

If you’ve written a blog and are stuck when it comes to a title, ChatGPT can come up with suggestions.

The same applies if you’re thinking of a workshop or webinar title, and I share an example from my Facebook group of where a member asked for help with this.

You can see the thread in my group by clicking here

And if you’re not already a member, head here to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/publicitytipsforpetbusinesses/

3. List posts for social media.

If you want to put together a list of ‘seven reasons why’ or ‘five ways to’ and you’re scratching your head, ask ChatGPT.

4. Covering your blind spots and offering a different perspective.

AI can give you things to consider or cover around a topic that you haven’t thought of. 

It can help you when it comes to ensuring you’re not making assumptions when it comes to what your audience might know when it comes to training or animal behaviour.

And it can give you different angles to a topic you may not have considered.

5. Research – If you already know the topic well. 

This is not to say you can completely TRUST ChatGPT to give you the right answer.

However, if you know your topic well, then it can help with getting information to you quickly. 

For example, on my podcast last week I used ChatGPT to define the different types of Facebook groups and how the defamation act and libel relates to Facebook groups. 

I already know both topics, but if I had needed to put together the information it would have take 10-15 minutes to compile what was needed.

Whereas ChatGPT did it in seconds.

6. Repurposing your website content.

Have you written a blog post and run out of steam when it comes to promoting it on social media? 

I have this a lot! But you can upload the URL into ChatGPT and ask it for posts for whatever social media platform you want to share on.

You can set the tone, ask for bullet points and emojis, define who your audience is and so much more.

In my Pets Get Visible group when we did a mini-class on ChatGPT one of my clients Kim from Leo, Charley and Me tested this.

She was astonished to see five social media posts that she could simply edit and schedule, meaning she shared a blog far more widely than she usually has time to do.  

7. Wave bye to the blank page

It’s a really helpful tool if you can’t get started with writing, and means you don’t have to put yourself through the pain of forcing yourself to sit at an empty screen.

Victoria Rose from Sausage and Dylan explains:  “I find it’s psychologically great for not having to start with a blank page even if I end up rewriting 99% of it.”

8. Write emails you’re finding challenging

Maybe you need to write an email and you’re struggling – let’s say it’s a topic that you’re finding challenging, such as putting up your prices or asking people to sort missed payments.

ChatGPT can do it for you without the emotional investment, so you then have the first draft done and can polish it, and make it sound like you..

9. Write product descriptions

Writing about your products can feel like a slog, particularly if you’re writing about the same thing over and over and want it to sound different each time. 

By inputting the details about the product, ChatGPT can generate descriptions that are informative and persuasive, helping you sell your products more effectively.

10. Put your big girl/boy pants on and sell your stuff

How hard is it to write sales posts? It’s likely you’ll have a sales page on your website sharing the benefits of the product or service though.

Or a detailed description of how it works, who it helps and why it’s fabulous.

You can upload what you’ve written or the url and ask ChatGPT to write a sales post for you.

Again, as Victoria says, even if you rewrite 99% of it, it’s giving you that kick up the bum to get your big girl or boy pants on and sell.

Conclusion on how ChatGPT can help you and your pet business

ChatGPT is a helpful tool but I can’t stress enough how important I feel it is that your work, your content, everything you put out into the world should be packed with you and your personality.

You can’t be replaced by a robot. It cannot replace your personality, your voice, your passion and creativity and your perspective.

But I hope I’ve explained how it can help you and make your life easier so you can keep up with the constant demand that we have to be putting our content out there.

See it as a tool in your business, not something that will do it all for you, as there’s no easy way to do this stuff.

There is no magic wand that will make your marketing magically happen and leads and sales roll in but this will lighten the load.

These are some resources I’ve found helpful while looking at ChatGPT.

George Kao – he’s an authentic marketing coach and I’ve been taking his ChatGPT course. Follow him on Instagrm: https://www.instagram.com/geokao

Vicki Jakes and Sam Jackson’s podcast is also really helpful.

Find them at: https://open.spotify.com/show/55sPhJUBdsOBIwNVbaHGoj

I’d love to know what you think of this episode, come and chat to me on social media on the links below or head to my Facebook group.

Find me in my Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/publicitytipsforpetbusinesses

On Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/rachelspenceruk

On Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/rachelspenceruk

On LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelspenceruk/

If you enjoyed this post, you might like Apps and softward that can help you in your pet business or How to start a pet business blog, and if you’re interested in my membership, head to Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you?


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