What’s your pet business culture, and why it matters?


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Have you ever thought about the culture of your pet business?

This topic came up recently during a discovery call with a client, and I realised I had never taken the time to define my own.

Your culture is comprised of the values, beliefs, behaviors, and environment that shape your brand or business.

It plays a significant role in how you operate and communicate with prospective customers and clients, influencing how people experience your brand and why they choose you.

In this episode, I cover why your culture matters, how to define it, and how to effectively communicate it.

Plus examples from pet business owners in my community, demonstrating how they embody their culture and bring it to life.

Listen in on the player link below.

Episode overview and timings:

Episode overview and what to expect – (0:20)

What is a pet business culture? – (2:30)

Three key reasons for articulating and defining your pet business culture – (4:52)

How to go about capturing and defining your culture and things to consider – (7:55)

Sharing your pet business culture with your community and potential clients and customers – (10:17)

Consider using a Fair Play Agreement to send to clients regarding how you work and your culture – (12:14)

Case study – the culture inside my Pets Get Visible community – (14:12)

Pet Business examples: Laura Hebberd from Pure Dog Adventures, Sarah Jones from My Anxious Dog, Zoe Willingham from Best Behaviour Dog Training, Debbie Humphreys from Redhound for Dogs, Kerry Jordan from Fur and Fables photography, and Kerry Whitney from Franky’s Bowtique – (22:45)

I’d love to hear about your pet business culture and how to get in touch – (32:04)

What to do if you’d like to work with me – email rachel@rachelspencer.co.uk or message me on social media @RachelSpencerUK – (34:15)

Further reading and listening:

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