Taking the fear out of sending emails with Rob and Kennedy


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Would you love to feel comfortable and confident when you send an e mail out to your subscribers?

And not worry about being ‘annoying’ or ‘pushy’ because you know they’ll be so chuffed seeing your name pop up in their inbox?

If so, you’re going to love this chat with the brilliant Rob and Kennedy from Email Marketing Heroes.

Sending e mails can be stressful and overwhelming at first but it doesn’t need to be.

And these guys will show you how to put your big girl or big boy pants on and just hit send on your e mails over and over again.

Discover what to include in your messages and how to come up with ideas to bring you closer to your audience with ease.

And most importantly, how email marketing can make you between 10 to 50 times more sales than social media.

Listen in on the player link below or carry on reading the key topics as a blog.


Hi guys, can you start by telling me about you and what you do?

Rob: “I’m a hypnotist, and I perform comedy hypnotism at shows and Kennedy is a psychological mind reader, sometimes known as a mentalist.

“We’ve been doing that for 18 years, performing all over the world at different shows.

“We met at a magicians conference and started swapping notes about what we were doing with our businesses as entertainers.

“We both separately fell in love with email and used it to get clients and referrals since then other entertainers asked how we were doing it.

“So we started to teach them and then it snowballed so that every type of business you could possibly imagine came to us for our email advice!”

How do you you stand out amongst other email marketing experts?

Kennedy: “When we are able to understand the people on the other end of that email then you’re able to really impact them.

“You create thoughts, feeling, actions and understand what gets people to act on the stuff that they read.

“That’s what we do in our entertainer jobs, Rob is able to get inside people’s heads and make them imagine things which are absolutely not true like you ‘can’t speak any more.’

“In my case, I can understand what people are thinking, or what they are going to think next. 

“Because we both tap into the psychology of humans we’re able to convert this skill into email marketing. 

“It’s about being a really good communicator and having huge amounts of empathy.” 

I know you both have pets, so can you tell me about the position that pet businesses are in when it comes to email marketing?

Kennedy: “People will spend a fortune on their pets. The reason for this is that we make emotion-based decisions. 

“How many people buy lush stuff for their pets when they should be paying for something else?

“So pet businesses are in a lucky place, they are above so many other businesses because people have so much emotion towards their pets!” 

I’m nodding and laughing because I’m always buying things for my dog! What do their emails need to include?

Rob: “A big mistake people make when they get subscribers is to just notify them about the things we have to sell to them.

“Our approach to email marketing is to use it as another client content channel, just like you would with social media. 

“So we want to turn email into a content channel to deliver all of your amazing news. When you send emails you should rarely email about your products or special offers.

“Instead, use it as a method of turning up, teaching them things, making them feel connected to other subscribers. 

“When someone signs up to your list, they might think it’s to hear about the latest luxury dog product.

“But what they’re actually doing is telling you that they are interested in giving their pet the best possible life. 

“So it’s your job to show them how to give that pet the best possible life and aside from that you’re also selling amazing products.”

Kennedy: “The big switch is thinking about email as a content channel.

“If all you were doing on Instagram or your podcast was selling you would lose people’s interest and email marketing is the same.”

What is your message to people who might think they can’t send emails?

Kennedy: “It’s easy to get into that, but what you want to do is to avoid sending emails like everyone else on your email list. 

“The good news is the bar is really low! So all you need to do is send emails which are 1% less crap than theirs are.

“You don’t need to be a great wordsmith, you only have to be not as bad, bolshy and annoying as the people you’re getting emails from!”

How can people build up to emailing their subscribers frequently?

Rob: “You can email as often as you tell your subscribers you’re going to, so new people coming in you just need to tell them how often you’re going to email them.

“They know what to expect upfront and then you need a handover – we have a ‘getting to know you sequence’ it’s four days long and it tells them what to expect.

“One of our highest converting lead magnets is a page where we say, ‘Do you want to receive emails from us every day where we email you with stories, hints, tips, ideas and inspiration to improve your email marketing?’”

Is there a specific structure for when you’re just starting out?

Kennedy: “Keep it simple. Tell people relatable stories, they want to know what you’ve been up to, what your current rant is. 

“We have a thing called the Bottomless Email Strategy, where we encourage people to think about stories. 

“A great psychologically stacked question is “What is the least boring thing that’s happened to me in the last 24 hours?”

“Hack your own brain to find content, even if it’s nothing to do with your business, it’s going to be interesting when you show up with that information for your readers.

“And if you start telling stories, you’ll start getting replies, people will come back to you and relate, this is how you build your relationships with people! 

“Then they will be more compelled to click through and eventually buy your products.” 

Does there need to be a certain amount of words for email marketing?

Rob: “We keep our emails as short as possible because we want to lower the resistance to people reading them, typically they take one to two minutes.

“Most people who are doing emails right now probably write enough content from between five to 15 emails in one email. 

“One of the key things we coach people on is condensing their emails, people often go on for too long.

“So we teach people to break down their emails from one long one to six short ones.”

Can you repurpose content into emails or repurpose emails into content?

Kennedy: “What you want on all of your channels is for it to be pointing at the same singular narrative.

“It all needs to be connected so you’re talking at the same theme perhaps leading towards your launch or your product.

“You might do a stripped-down blog post for an email or lengthen an email for a blog post.

“But you need to ask yourself the question ‘should I’ and this will help you decide if it’s worth it.”

Want more from the Lads!

Find out more about Rob and Kennedy: https://www.emailmarketingheroes.com/about/

Join their free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/498160730852208

Download Click Tricks here: https://emailmarketingheroes.com/publicity

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