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Two weeks ago I did my Pet Business Publicity challenge and already one of the members, dog behaviourist Rachael Claire, has secured a guest blogging role for a huge pet brand.

It means her name is in front of 40,000 people on social media, really raising her profile as a dog behaviourist.

The review Rachael left on Facebook sharing her win

I’m so chuffed for Rachael for taking action and you can learn more about her on her website here Rachael Claire dog training.

If you’re looking to boost the visibility of your pet business and get known for the product or service you offer, one way of achieving this is  through guest blogging.

Guest blogging helps you reach new audiences and build your profile, which can have incredible results for your pet business growth.

Featuring on someone else’s blog has the potential to expand your network and put your business in front of an entirely new audience.

In this episode, I cover how to find guest blogging opportunities, what to blog about and how to get the most out of the feature.

You can listen in on the player link below or continue reading as a blog post.


What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is when you write content to be featured on another business or individual’s platform. 

Typically this will appear as a guest post on their blog, and it will usually include a short bio where you can tell their audience who you are, what you do, and where to find you.

The blog’s host gains valuable content for their readership, and you receive access to a new audience.

How can guest blogging help my business?

A big part of blogging is building the know, like, and trust factor for both you as an individual and your pet business.

Appearing on a guest blog can help position you as an authority in your industry.

It boosts credibility since the person featuring your content is publicly recognising you as an expert in your field.

Guest blogging can also deliver more traffic to your website and to your social media accounts.

Who could I approach to offer a guest blog?

Look for opportunities with businesses and bloggers who share similar audiences or whose audience could be interested in what you have to say.

You can search on Google for ‘guest blog post’ or ‘submit a guest post’ and include a keyword relating to your industry or niche.

You will find sites that accept guest posts which is a great place to start.

You can also look out for accounts you follow who feature guest posts, as this indicates that they are open to guest content.

What kind of things could I cover in a guest blog?

Spend some time looking at the type of content they produce and what’s landed well with their audience so that you can get your pitch right.

Tips and how-to posts are really great content for guest blogs as they give the reader value and simultaneously boost your authority on the subject.

For example, if you’re a dog walker pitching to a groomer, then you may write about accessories or hacks that help you quickly clean dogs up after their walks.

Or if you’re a canine massage therapist pitching to a vet, you could explain the complimentary benefits of massage with a step by step guide for owners to try at home.

How long does a guest blog need to be?

For a guest blog I recommend matching the content they have on their site.

If they tend to post lengthy blog posts of 1500 words, then aim for this.

Do they favour short and fun list posts or thought provoking opinion pieces?

You are pitching for their audience, so be guided by what they currently publish.

How do I get the most from my guest blog?

Share the blog post everywhere! And make sure you tag in the host with a thank you for the opportunity to feature.

The business that’s featured you has shared their audience, and it’s good etiquette to do the same in return. 

You might even get invited back again!

The more you share the piece, the more eyeballs you will gain on the content you worked so hard on.

Include a Call to Action that invites comments, and resist the urge to be shy about promoting it.

Lastly, if the blog host allows, make sure you include your name, website, and a short bio to be placed within your blog.

So your new fans know where to find you for more information.

How do I go about pitching as a guest blogger?

The content you produce needs to be of value and interest to your prospect’s readers.

Think about them, not about what’s in it for you.

Your focus needs to be on what’s in it for them, the kickback to you is a bonus.

Do your research and tailor your pitch to the person you are reaching out to.

Try and find the name of the person you’re going to pitch to and spend some time warming up the relationship by engaging with their content.

What kind of impact can I expect guest blogging to have?

Guest blogging boosts your authority as an expert in your field.

The more visible you are, the more opportunities you will have to reach a wider audience.

Guest blogging also help to increase your visibility on Google.

More links to your website from other sites increases your domain authority, and it can also boost traffic to your website with click throughs from the original blog.


I hope that’s inspired you to guest blog.

If you’d like a free guide on how to approach a blogger or business with a guest blog idea, download my free pitching guide here – it’s for podcasts, but the same principles apply for blogs.

Download podcast or guest blog pitching guide

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