Having the confidence to step out of your comfort zone with Sarah Jones from My Anxious Dog


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When Sarah Jones started My Anxious Dog, her business selling yellow space awareness products, people told her they were pointless.

At that time, eight years ago, very few people knew that a dog wearing yellow meant they were anxious and needed space.

Sarah understood how important it was for anxious dogs and their owners because she has an anxious dog herself, Cocker Spaniel Bella, who inspired her to start her business.

Instead of giving up, this only fueled Sarah’s determination to push forward. She made it her mission to educate every dog owner about Dogs In Yellow.

Fast forward to today, Sarah has supported thousands of dogs and their owners worldwide, making walks less stressful with her yellow products.

More owners are now aware of giving a dog wearing yellow some space. She has even created an awareness day, Dogs In Yellow Day, which happens on March 20th every year.

In this episode, Sarah talks about growing her business and having the confidence to step out of her comfort zone, making a huge impact.

What to expect from this episode:

How Sarah started her business selling yellow space awareness product (1.44)

The steps Sarah has taken to grow her business (4.13)

Navigating social media as a business owner (5.14)

How using the products she creates herself helps Sarah when it comes to promotion on social media (7.21)

Sarah shares the impact of her husband Matt’s cycling accident (10.18)

Making the decision to get some help with My Anxious Dog (17.48)

How her Dogs In Yellow awareness Day on March 20th has got the word out about yellow (21.50)

How having supportive people around you helps you keep moving forward (26.52)

Sarah’s Dogs In Yellow impact report and how over 1000 pet owners responded (29.18)

The scariest thing Sarah has done to get her business noticed and why wearing yellow is an ice breaker (32.38)

Sarah’s reflections on the steps she’s taking to grow her business and documenting her wins (35.09)

Why focusing on your mission can make talking about your work less daunting (37.18)

Why thinking about Bella helps Sarah when she needs to be brave (38.18)

How being in a positive and supportive community makes a difference (41.02)

Sarah’s advice for anyone who feels that a lack of confidence might be holding them back (42.02)

Where to find out more about Sarah and My Anxious Dog (43.42)

Visit Sarah’s website: www.myanxiousdog.co.uk

Follow My Anxious Dog on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myanxiousdog 

Connect on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myanxiousdog/

Join the Yellow Army Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/215979409295118

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When Sarah Jones started My Anxious Dog, her business selling yellow space awareness products, pe...

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