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Are you looking for inspiration for Spring and Summer content for your pet business?

You know posting on your website will help attract customers but when you try to think of things to write about your mind goes blank.

It happens to us all. But sometimes, a content idea can come and bash you in the face!

This happened to me today.

I took Patch for a walk to Jesmond Dene and he was playing with his favourite Chuck It ball – I don’t know what they make them from but both my dogs have been obsessed.

Anyway, I did a rubbish throw and the ball went down a hill, poor Patch couldn’t keep up with it, and it went in the Dene.

The water where we were is quite fast moving. We’ve only had Patch since last August and he generally avoids water, I’ve never seen him swim.

Patch is on the edge of the water, trying to get his ball. I’m scrambling down the bank trying to get to him and contemplating having to jump in if he goes in.

It was a horrible few seconds, but, always prepared with my Mary Poppins style dog walking bag, I had a tub of treats and rattled them and he came running back to me.

I’m amazed I managed to break him from his Chuck It ball trance and very thankful we got back in one piece.

It’s inspired me to take Patch for swimming lessons, so if something like this happens again, I feel more confident that he will be ok.

Why am I waffling on about this and how does it relate to your business?

Well, if you’re running a hydrotherapy centre, it’s a blog post idea.

I went home and tapped into Google ‘Dog Swimming Lessons,’ and I’ve asked some contacts for recommendations too. 

If you offer swimming lessons in your hydrotherapy business, having content around these search terms and the area you’re covering is going to help other dog owners like me find you.

I’m going to run through a few examples of other summer ideas for a range of businesses.

Summer Content Idea for Hydrotherapy Centres

Top of the list thanks to Patch is anything around swimming lessons.

The term ‘Doggy Paddle,’ is where a dog naturally moves their legs in water, but it doesn’t mean they know how to swim.

With the weather heating up and owners spending time at the beach or walking by lakes, canals and rivers, knowing their dog can swim will give peace of mind.

Explain what happens in a doggy swimming class, the safety kit you use on the dogs, how long it can take for them to learn (or average number of sessions) and if possible, include some data or statistics around swimming and dogs.

Summer Content Idea for Dog Trainers

Again, thinking as a dog owner, recall is the area I would focus on as a trainer. We’re planning summer trips to places our dog may not have visited.

The thought of losing them is a nightmare. But doors get left open, they slip collars and leads (speaking from experience again here) and it’s something every owner faces.

Having a strong recall can help feel reassured in the event of this, they will come back. If you’re a dog trainer, consider creating content which combines holidays and recall training.

Maybe create a Recall Refresher Package designed for clients who are taking their dog away on holiday?

Summer Content Idea for Dog Groomers

This is a nice easy one – Is your dog summer ready? The warm weather means dogs need a spruce up just like us.

I’ve written this story a few times for newspapers and copywriting clients like this post from the LV= Insurance website and this for Mirror Online.

You can explain the different elements of a summer groom, why they are important, how they will help your dog handle the heat and demonstrate your expertise.

Summer Content Idea for Dog Walkers

What are your favourite walks in the summer? You could do a guide on the best spots in your local area.

Use something searchable like ‘Best dog walks in Newcastle.’ Think of the places you love to visit and give a range of options.

Think of the beaches, woods, paths, stately homes and try to give a comprehensive guide for readers. Put in some hidden gems you’re aware of as a pet professional.

Summer Content Idea for Pet Products/Makers

Do you have a specific product that’s helpful for dogs in the summer? A cooling mat, portable water bottle, bandana or paddling pool?

You can create a post around a list of summer essential for pet owners. There’s some really good ideas on Pinterest for this.

Add some insight from a welfare organisation like the RSPCA – there’s lots of resources on their website here – and explain how the different items are of benefit.

Summer Content Idea for Pet Sitters/Boarders

Leaving our furry friends behind is something pawrents dread and not everyone has friends and family to help so you can use your content to show you understand this.

Finding someone they know and trust to look after their pet is key. It means they can enjoy their holiday without fretting about them.

What they want to know is the level of care their pet will get while they’re with you. Consider doing a ‘Day in the Life’ post with stories, photos and video showing what goes on behind the scenes.

Better still, you could hold an open day where prospective pet parents can come on a tour and see for themselves what their pet will experience.


I hope you find this helpful. I know we can struggle for ideas at times, but sometimes they come from nowhere.

If you create any of them after reading this, please share them with me!

You can e mail me via the contact form or share in the Facebook group here.

And finally, I sneaked one of Patch’s new Chuck It balls from Crufts into his bag, so I think he may have forgotten about the one we lost today.

Will keep you posted on his swimming lessons!

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