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Welcome to the first episode of the Your Pet Business Content Your Way podcast.

This show is for you if….

You want to do things that feel right for you, that feel comfortable, that feel like you’re being true to yourself.

You can’t be bothered with the things you must do, if you’re sick of hearing what you should be doing, and if you’ve had enough of people saying you have to do things their way.

You want to do things your way.

In this introductory episode I’m sharing what to expect from the podcast and you can listen on the player link below:

Here’s an overview of this episode:

Why I’ve changed the podcast to Your Pet Business Content Your Way

My background as a journalist and coach/mentor and how this can help you as a pet professional when it comes to promoting your business

Why I started a community and PR and content marketing training programmes for pet businesses

Who the Your Pet Business Content Your Way podcast is for

How often the Your Pet Business Content Your Way will be published

What to expect from the different solo, guest and expert episodes of the Your Pet Business Content Your Way podcast

Why training as a coach means I can cover topics I didn’t feel able to before such as mindset and confidence building

About the podcast host

I’m Rachel and I’m a crazy dog lady and multi-award-winning content creator specialising in the pet industry.

My background is journalism, and I’ve been writing for national newspapers, magazines, and websites since 2001.

From the News of the World to The Times, The Sunday Express, Heat, Closer, More magazine, Buzzfeed, Mirror, and Mail Online.

In 2017, I launched a pet blog called ‘The Paw Post’ so I’d have my own platform to share stories. It’s been in the top 10 UK pet blogs since its launch.

Then, I wrote a book called ‘Publicity Tips for Pet Businesses’ so pet business owners could learn how to do their own PR. 

That led to online courses, a membership, a podcast, and a community.

I’ve worked in group programs and one-to-one with hundreds of pet businesses, helping them get noticed, from startups to six-figure companies.

As a writer and consultant, I’ve worked with brands like Petplan, Tesco, LV Insurance, Pets at Home, the Pet Industry Federation, and Purina.

In 2022, I studied for the ILM Level 5 certification in coaching and mentoring, so I’m a qualified coach. 

I’m bringing together everything I’ve learned and the challenges I’ve seen business owners experience in this podcast.

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Welcome to the first episode of the Your Pet Business Content Your Way podcast. This show is f...

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