7 benefits of blogging as a pet business owner


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Blogging in your pet business can help you attract clients and build a connection with the ones you already have.

With so many different options when it comes to promoting businesses, trying something new can be overwhelming.

Blogging takes time. You have to generate ideas, write the blog, make sure it’s optimised and find photos and graphics.

And it can also take a while for you to see the results and this is the reason why many pet business owners stop blogging.

It can feel like the effort you put in isn’t matched by the reward.

I know from my own experience of blogging regularly since 2017 what can come from it.

But it took at least six months to see the results of the graft I put in.

My blog has opened opportunities to work with large brands like Petplan, Animed Direct and Purina.

I’ve spoken at events, been interviewed on podcasts and BBC radio, and even written a book.

But I wanted to share the experiences of other pet businesses and the outcomes it has had for them so anyone sitting on the fence might be compelled to give it a try.

How blogging help you as a pet business owner?

You can share something you love

Suzanne Gould from Edinburgh Holistic Dogs says: “I’ve been turning my love of training rescued and adopted dogs into blogs to help new owners.

“Most of it is inspired by my own life with my Old English Sheepdogs, all of whom I’ve adopted at different stages of their lives. 

“I have blogged for other websites too, including Sarah at Ruffle Snuffle, Kirsty at Fit 4dogs and Dominic’s Tour De Rescue.”

It can break down barriers when you approach people

Carol Ashworth from the Walkabout Dog Training Academy explains: “In the past, when it came to approaching people I wanted to build relationships with, I would share their Facebook posts and it never really came to anything.

“Since I’ve changed that to featuring people on my blog, I feel more confident approaching other businesses to talk about working together.

“I feel via the blogs I can offer something of value. I have spoken to vets, groomers and other pet businesses and they’ve been much more receptive, it’s really opened doors.

“Having a blog gives you reason to talk to people that is more compelling that saying you might share their things on social media.”

Why is having a blog important on a website if you’re a pet business owner?

It can give people an insight into you and your brand

Michelle Burgess started blogging in 2015 and now creates products for terrier owners on her website and blog, Scruffy Little Terrier.

She said: “I think it helps build trust for those following and those new to your site and gives people a sense of you, people who like your writing style and views.

“It also helps people understand your topic and maybe look at things from a different angle that they hadn’t thought about before.”

It can help attract the right client for your pet business

Alex Graves from Rove Pet Services says her blog helps bring her ideal client closer.

She said: “It’s one of those things that since I’ve started, I get more engagement from my ‘better’ owners. It helps attract the right sort of client.

“If they care about what I write and they gravitate to it then to me we share the same values and we’re going to get along.

“It can demonstrate your expertise in your field before someone gets in touch with you and help create bonds with others in your industry”

You can show your personality

Lottie Clements is the founder of the Cosy Canine Company and writes about her life as a Cockapoo mum.

She said: “It helps to be seen as someone who provides useful information or a bit of light hearted fun, not just as a shop.

“My muddy dog blog people made people laugh but I also got sales from it.”

Read Lottie’s post: How to enjoy a walk when your dog loves puddles and rolling in poo

Blogging as a pet business owner can lead to media opportunities

Journalists and customers can find you easily

Vicky Gunn from Millie’s Beach Huts has featured in Forbes, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail thanks to her blog.

She said: “I tried lots of things to grow each business but for me, the success has come from blogging.  I did a 90 day challenge in 2017 where I wrote 45 blogs in total over those 90 days.  

“One of my top performing blogs has that magic ‘black box’ around it when you search on it’s keyword.

“It’s amazing to see that it’s seen as the expert response to the keywords (best beach hut hire) and journalists and beach hut owners have found me from that one blog.”

You can stand out as the expert in your field

Helen Mottram from Social Paws blogs on her website and on Facebook have established her as the go-to person for expert comment on anxious dogs.

She’s appeared on BBC Breakfast, Sunday Mirror, the Sun and several local papers.

She said: “Over the years I’ve always been passionate about supporting pet owners but by creating blogs on my Facebook Page and website I was able to reach out to people more personally and walk in their shoes.

“By being relatable, having a clear niche and sharing my stories it’s lead to me becoming known through numerous media appearances. None of this would have been possible without blogging.”


I hope reading stories from other petpreneurs who feel it’s boosted their business inspires you to start blogging if you haven’t already.

And if you have a blog but haven’t seen results yet, keep at it, it does work but it can take time.

If you’d like to chat about working together on your blog, book in for one of my consultancy sessions here: Work with me one to one.

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Blogging in your pet business can help you attract clients and build a connection with the ones y...

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