Learn how to promote your pet business in a way that feels right for you

I’m Rachel, a pet business publicity expert and mentor specialising in working with clients in the pet industry.

A trained journalist with over 20 years experience, I’ve written a book, Publicity Tips for Pet Businesses and published an award-winning pet blog and podcast.

My lovely clients say I’m the go-to person for pet professionals looking to get visible and grow their businesses with confidence.

I get that no matter how brilliant you know you are, putting yourself out there can be painful.

You’ve got the world and his wife telling you what you should and must be doing and it’s bamboozling.

I’ve been there too.

In 2017, when I dipped my toe into working online and supporting small businesses, I was overwhelmed too.

I did ‘all the things’ on social media, worried about what my friends and former colleagues thought, spent a shedload of money and made so many mistakes.

Then I learned I had to find a way to put myself out there that worked for me.

And I’m here to show you how to feel more brave and confident presenting yourself as someone pet parents can know, like and trust.

Affordable publicity coaching to get your pet business noticed

My transition from newshound for the nationals to crazy dog lady working with pet business owners happened by accident.

When I adopted Daisy in 2009, my world changed and
I wanted to shout about how brilliant being a dog mum was from the rooftops.

At the time, I was working as a freelance journalist,
and I was on the road a lot.

But I didn’t want to be stuck in my Peugeot 206,
I wanted to be with Daisy!

So I started writing articles for newspapers and magazines about pets, people making a difference, new products and trends.

Then in 2017, I decided to create my own publishing platform and launched a pet blog, www.thepawpost.co.uk and this led me to work with petpreneurs.

I thrive on supporting people like you so you recognise how brilliant you are and the impact you make and are able to share this in a way that feels right.

I love digging into the stories inside of you and your business, what lights you up, what you stand for, what you care about.

This means that when you put yourself out there, which I know is terrifying because I felt the same and I sometimes still do, your perfect people think,
‘Yes! This is for me!’

Because I understand your dream customer

We have a lot in common.

As a pet parent, I want products for my dog that are ethically sourced and that I know are safe. When it comes to caring for Patch, I only want him to be around dedicated professionals who use modern and kind methods.

Back in 2009, I was that dog owner who saw an awful trainer who told me I should use aversive methods on Daisy. It horrified me and made me determined to find another, kinder way.

When I adopted Patch nearly a decade later I found a force free, ethical trainer, the amazing Sue McCabe from Muttamorphosis.

It was the experience I wish I’d found with Daisy when I opened up the Yellow Pages desperate for help as a new dog mum.

Build your pet business and become the go-to person, not the ‘best kept secret!’

I’m on a mission to help you as a brilliant pet business owner who wants to get it right step out of the shadows.

To show you how to find your voice, to be seen, to rise above the froth, elbow the BSers out of the way and to get your amazing work out there so you can make the impact you want.

To provide the stepping stones between your pet business goals and the marketing you need to do to get in front of the people you want to reach.

And through my coaching, community and content, I want to give you the confidence to make putting yourself out there a pleasure and not a pain!

My experience and qualifications

Pets Get Visible is my mini-membership mentoring programme for pet business owners who want to be part of a support community willing them to win.

It’s an affordable way to access support and helpful resources so you stay consistent with your content marketing, social media and even pitching to the press.

I love hearing about the ideas you have to grow your pet business and working with you to make them a reality.

Whether it’s working on a project like a book launch or learning how to be your own PR or building your confidence, as a qualified media professional and coach, I’m here to support you.



I love hearing about the ideas you have to grow your pet business and working with you to make them a reality....
Pets Get Visible is my mini-membership mentoring programme for pet business owners who want to be part of a su...

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