The power of building relationships to grow your business with Kerry Jordan


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Kerry Jordan is an award-winning dog photographer and founder of National Dog Photography Day, an event that goes viral every year.

She works with small pet brands helping them showcase their work beautifully through her photography.

Kerry says the key thing she has done to grow her business is build relationships with people in her community on social media and champion the work they do.

In this episode, she talks about working with brands who share your values and ethos, trusting your intuition, and finding ways to make marketing your business enjoyable.

Plus Whippets, wine, and why if you think you’re going to regret not doing something, that’s a sign you really need to go for it.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

How Kerry went from shooting weddings to following her passion and working with dogs (2.45)

Finding her way to promote her dog photography work on social media (4.48)

Focusing on relationship building rather than worrying about likes (5.26)

Sharing personal experiences in her content and how that’s helped Kerry to connect with people who share her values (9.03)

Why it’s important to take your time with relationship building to grow your business (15.41)

Kerry’s first National Dog Photography Day and what it was like to be in the spotlight around the world (20.40)

How the day has grown over the years and the impact it’s had on her business (23.25)

What Kerry’s business looks like today (31.13)

Kerry’s advice for anyone who is feeling nervous about trying new things that might feel scary (35.10)

What’s next for Kerry and why she’s shooting Christmas photos in July (36.36)

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Kerry Jordan is an award-winning dog photographer and founder of National Dog Photography Day, an...

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