In the spotlight with Helen King from Scotty’s Cartoons

Helen ‘Scotty’ King is a cartoonist and illustrator supporting business owners in the pet industry by bringing their messages to life. She works with all kinds of clients, including holiday cottage owners, product makers, coaches, and people providing pet services, capturing the essence of what they do. Helen says she was ‘rubbish’ at drawing growing […]

20 takeaways from the Business Of Pets conference 2024

This week the Pet Industry Federation ran its second Business of Pets event, a two-day conference bringing together brands and experts. It was a mix of expert talks, panel discussions, workshops, and pitches from nine pet brands for the Innovation Prize. As CEO of PIF, Nigel Baker said in his opening address, it’s important to […]

Choosing the right pet business membership

Would you like support in growing your pet business and to feel part of a community by joining a membership? It can be lonely and overwhelming as a solo business owner, and there are always new skills and challenges to figure out. Being part of a community of other people who are in your industry […]

Harnessing your strengths to grow your pet business with Sasha Louise Smith

Can playing to your strengths rather than focusing on your challenges help you feel more comfortable with self-promotion? Sasha Louise Smith, a life coach supporting dog professionals, says embracing what makes you unique can help your business thrive, on your own terms. Sasha has worked in the dog industry since 2015, as a walker, trainer […]

Top 20 pet business stories to celebrate 200 podcast episodes

top 20 pet business stories

Would you love to secure press coverage for your pet business and need some story inspiration? You’ll find plenty in this blog post and episode of the podcast where I’m sharing my top 20 favourite stories from five years of helping clients get in the press. To celebrate the 200th episode of the Your Pet […]

15 reasons to stop worrying about social media engagement for your pet business

Do you find yourself worrying about how much engagement you have on your social media accounts? This is a topic I find comes up repeatedly on social media, in Facebook group conversations, and in the coaching calls I run in my membership. Pet professionals who are doing a fantastic job of caring for animals and […]

Get confident with selling in your pet business with Sara Dalrymple

Podcast featured image with Sara Dalrymple

Are you fed up with feeling awkward when selling your product or service? If so, I think you’ll love this episode with sales expert Sara Dalrymple, author of More Sales Please, where we’re talking about letting go of the discomfort you feel around asking for money. You started your business because you wanted to do […]

Ten reasons why you should be an award-winning pet business

podcast featured image about winning awards for your pet business

Would you love to be an award-winning pet business? To gain recognition for the hard work you do and stand out from the competition? Whether you own a grooming salon, a pet shop, training or dog walking service, or you make products that make a difference, being involved in industry awards will boost your credibility […]

Navigating stop-start times in your pet business

how to navigate stop start times in your pet business podcast featured image

What do you do when something happens in your life, and it means you have to stop everything in your business to deal with it? We live in an uncertain world, and the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has shown that you don’t know what might be coming around the corner to turn things upside down. And […]

Is my Pets Get Visible pet business membership right for you?

This week on the podcast, I’m talking about my Pets Get Visible membership so you can see whether you might be a good fit to be part of it. It’s an affordable solution for pet business owners who want to feel comfortable and confident talking about what they do.  For pet professionals who want to […]