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Meet the UK’s one and only FOMO creator May King Tsang.

She has been creating FOMO for business owners at events all over the world and says she believes FOMO is bridging the gap between social media and PR.

As a pet business owner, learning new ways to reach people and be more visible is a must, particularly as we ease out of lockdown.

We spoke on the podcast about all things FOMO and how it can help pet business owners.

You can learn more by listening in on the play link below, or continue reading this post.

FOMO is real. We all know because we’ve been there, missing out on an event, or a workshop or not even being able to get your paws on a new pet product!

May King explains how became a FOMO creator after generating multiple sales for an event through live posting on social media.

She said: “My business really took off last year when I approached marketing experts Andrew and Pete about their ATOMICON event.

“I offered to be a professional live Tweeter and they asked me to do Facebook and Instagram live at the same time.

“We created FOMO on each of the platforms that they sold 425 tickets in a week for their conference for this year!”

Since then, May King has created FOMO  at events all over the world and here she shares all you need to know if you want to get started.

So what is FOMO creation?

FOMO stands for fear of missing out, something we’re all familiar with, and May King has harnessed this as a means of promoting businesses.

I first met her at Janet Murray’s Build Your Audience Live event last summer and I’ve been following her work ever since.

May King explains: “I see FOMO creation as something that bridges the gap between social media and PR.

“It’s like Social Media Version 2.0 because you’re putting yourself in the spotlight and creating buzz and excitement.

“People remember your name and you can do this to the point where they can’t wait to buy your service!

“You’re seen as a leader in your field and you’re creating buzz by putting things out there that make people excited.

“Whether that’s about you, your clients, an event you’re at to improve what you deliver – it’s all FOMO.

“This leads to more sales for products, events, and services. People don’t want to miss out!”

A selfie with FOMO creator May King last Summer

Think of your own media as if it were newspaper, magazine, TV or Radio

May King says: “When you create FOMO around yourself and your business other people will direct you to opportunities and this can lead to media coverage – other people become your eyes and ears.

“Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day – put out there what you’re doing, people are incredibly nosey.

“People need to see you and your business between seven and 30 times before they make a decision to click on your website or not.”

Don’t let imposter syndrome put you off

I know it can seem scary putting yourself out there, but May King reassured me that we all feel that way.

She said: “Muhammed Ali said: ‘It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.’ So if you can back it up then tell the world about it!

“We’re all incredibly amazing and experts in our field. When people judge us it’s professional jealousy so don’t be scared to shout about what you’re doing.

“Imposter syndrome is holding you back and the fear of being judged when it comes to not wanting to do things like this.

“But when you make it about your ‘why’ it’s no longer about you, it’s about your clients, your customers and what you bring to their lives.”

May King at work FOMO creating!

Creating a buzz is what it’s all about

May King has worked with clients from all sorts of backgrounds, helping to generate interest for big and small brands.

And she loves a challenge. She said: “I helped create a buzz for an event where I wasn’t even allowed to speak about what the people were discussing!

“This was a challenge, my client had seven attendees at her coaching event – completely different to a large conference with potentially hundreds of people.

“I had to position myself to take photos without identity, creating a buzz without identifying anyone.

“As a result she had 2,268 views and 30 people clicked onto her website, 6 shared her facebook post and 955 views on LinkedIn.

“If she hadn’t hired me, she’d have been too busy with the attendees and she wouldn’t have been able to create FOMO.

“That’s why it’s was important to have someone there doing stuff right there, right now to convert to her website.”

A leaderboard showing the sheer volume of Tweeting

Live is your friend

May King was once nervous of live too, but pushed through the initial feelings of awkwardness.

She said: “I love LIVE! Doing interviews with people or mini vlogs when I’m at events is brilliant and you should try this too.

“When you create this excitement and buzz, people want to know more and they feel like they are missing out so want to get involved.”

How pet businesses can use FOMO

Pet businesses can use FOMO by building up a hype about an event, product or service on their social media pages.

She said: “You have an instant advantage because you’re working with animals. Who doesn’t love dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and animals? 

“You can create FOMO around the work you do day to day or your products by sharing people enjoying them.

“If you’re at an event, or even your own event, make it about the people you meet and others in the industry rather than you.

“This might be mini interviews at events, or you could chat to other pet people because people will be interested in them too and it will lead to people clicking on to your website.

“Share the love and those businesses will share your content on their pages which means free publicity with their audience.

“Give people a buzz and excitement – allow people to be excited with you. Don’t be afraid about it.”

The different ways you can create FOMO

You don’t need to be live posting to generate FOMO.

Get started by following these simple steps. “If you see something you like on social media you can create FOMO and a buzz around you by commenting,” she explains.

“People are nosey they will click through to you! Reply to posts, don’t just like it and try to form conversation.

“Everyone is a lurker. You might be saying, ‘thank you’ to one person but other people see your comment and they might click through to find out more about you.”

In this episode we chat about my membership programme.

This has now been updated to Pets Get Visible and you can find out more about it here: Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you? 

If you’d like to find out more about May King, you can visit her website here:

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Meet the UK’s one and only FOMO creator May King Tsang. She has been creating FOMO for business o...

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