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If you’re planning on putting yourself forward to the media with a story, or as an expert, or for a case study, it’s important to have the right images.

Often, people will be ‘dropped’ from articles if photographs aren’t available.

And with us putting so much content out there on social media and our own websites, having professional images helps create the right impression.

With many photographers offering personal brand shoots, it’s become more affordable too.

So if you’re considering a photoshoot for your pet business, here are the steps to follow to get the best from the experience.

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Why do I need to have a photoshoot for my pet business?

First, it’s nice to have images of you and your pet to treasure.

And while the thought of having a shoot might make you feel a bit cringey at first, we want to create a good impression when it comes to our businesses.

Once you overcome that uncomfortable feeling, have the shoot, and see the images, you will be pleased, rest assured.

Won’t the newspaper or magazine send a photographer?

They might do, but budgets have been cut back so much in the last few years.

If you already have professional images, it means you’re ahead of the competition and it’s more likely you will be chosen for the story.

What if I’m camera shy or self conscious?

I know where you’re coming from, I am too. The important thing is to relax and find a photographer you’re comfortable working with.

They will put you at ease.

It’s also helpful to plan the shoot as much as you can, as this will help you feel less flustered on the day and ensure you get the images you need.

Is it really expensive to have a pet business photoshoot?

No, you can find photographers locally who will be affordable. Personal brand photoshoots that people use for social media can start from around £250.

Often photographers will have a scale of packages and options.

This example from Maryanne Scott in Yorkshire starts at £250 for 50 images and an hour long shoot and goes up to £1050 for a full day. 

How do I choose a photographer?

It’s important to find a photographer who is comfortable working with animals as it can be a challenge!

You have to consider all kinds of things from allergies to location, and they need to be able to capture your pet’s attention.

Ask for recommendations, as there are photographers all over the country who can help you and if you’re not there already, please feel free to ask in my Facebook Group for pet business owners. 

You can join here: Publicity tips for pet businesses.

Do I need to be photographed myself if I’m talking about my pet business?

If you’re planning on pitching to the media, then yes, the journalist will need images of you.

When I’ve had photoshoots, and I am NOT confident in front of the camera, I find having my hair done beforehand really helps.

It’s just one less thing to think about and if your budget allows, think about having your make up done too.

Can my pet be in the images for my pet business photoshoot?

YES for sure. If you’re pitching a story about yourself and your business, your pet is no doubt going to be part of that.

I would recommend you get them looking smart too – so perhaps have a groom and put on a nice collar, bow tie or bandana.

Remember you will have these photos to keep forever.

What else can I do to make sure my pet business photoshoot goes smoothly?

Plan as much as you can and try to picture the images you want so you can fully brief the photographer.

If you’d like further help, I have a free checklist you can download.

It explains what to do ahead of the photoshoot, the kind of image you will need, how to find a photographer and what to do on the day.

Plus simple ways to find the shots you’d like to recreate AND it’s written by someone who HATES having her photo taken.

Here’s the link if you’d like to grab it:  Photoshoot checklist for pet businesses.

And finally, if you want to see some of my embarrassing photoshoots….

Personal shopper for dogs

Britain’s hottest curry

Reiki for dogs

Xtreme bootcamp

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If you’re planning on putting yourself forward to the media with a story, or as an expert, or for...

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