27 ideas to help you promote your pet business


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Do you ever struggled to come up with ideas to promote your pet business?

With so many plates spinning, plus doing your actual job of caring for animals or making products for them, talking about what you do can be the last thing on the list.

But consistently sharing how to support your clients can help you retain existing ones and win new ones too.

The top answer in my free Facebook group when I ask what people find challenging is coming up with ideas.

So I thought I would create a free download with 27 ideas on it.

You can download the ideas here and listen to me run through them in a little more detail on the player link below.

When I started creating content to promote myself I HATED it.

For years I had worked as a journalist and I was used to sharing stories I’d written about other people.

Then I was working with a SEO company 360 Spin in Manchester trying to improve my website rankings so I could find clients for copywriting and press releases.

Malcolm told me I had to write blogs explaining how I helped people and sharing tips about the way I worked.

I resisted for YEARS. I couldn’t bear the thought of talking about myself.

I worried people would think I was showing off, or that I didn’t know what I was talking about.

I thought people would read it and laugh, think ‘Who does she think she is?’

About three years after that first conversation I gave in and started writing the occasional blog, then started my pet blog, then this website and my podcast.

Taking things slowly helped me get through those rubbish feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness.

When it came to social media, I would worry about people commenting or saying horrid things – they didn’t.

When it came to blogging I thought people would think I was sad and would laugh at me – they may have done but not to my face.

With the podcast, I worry about my voice being annoying – but people have said lovely things about it.

One thing I haven’t struggled with though is ideas. I find this part fairly easy and that’s why I wanted to share my 27 ideas for pet business owners.

Dog reading paper copy
How ace is this dog reading a newspaper?

In the four page PDF – made lovely by Alison at House of Henry – you’ll find lots of different things you can do, from social media to events to press.

You can download it by clicking this link: Download 27 ideas for pet business owners.

If you do download it, you’ll be sent some e mails pointing you in the direction of blogs and podcast episodes that are helpful to listen to as well.

Finally, if you enjoy the ideas and would like to see what it’s like to work with me, do come along and join in my FREE PR challenge taking place in September.

To sign up, fill in the short form here and I will be in touch with everything you need to take part nearer the time.

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