Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you?


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This week on podcast I’m talking about my Pets Get Visible membership and whether it’s right for you.

I wanted to create a space for business owners to get support when it comes to putting their business out there, have tools to help them be consistent with marketing and a community of people to support them. 

I’m sharing what’s involved, what you get, how it can help you and what impact being part of it will have on your pet business.

You’ll hear some examples from members on the impact it’s had for them, plus who the programme is for and who it’s not for.

Listen on the player link and you can read the key points covered as a blog below.

What Pets Get Visible is

It’s a membership and it’s centred around helping you when it comes to being consistent with your marketing. 

The more people know about you, the more clients you have, the more customers that you can serve, and stepping out of the shadows means you make more of an impact.

So we do forward planning, we have coaching calls, and we have a learning portal. 

It’s all designed to keep moving forward when it comes to marketing your business, to help you get unstuck when you have an idea for something but you’re not sure about it and you need a little bit of support.

How the learning resources work

There’s a library containing simple resources covering blogging, content marketing, getting press coverage, social media, coming up with marketing ideas, writing sales post prompts, setting goals. 

You’ll find templates and video and audio recordings, and they’re accessible on your phone, iPad or computer. 

How the planning calls work

The first live call is a forward planning call on the first Monday of every month at 5pm UK time. 

We look at what’s happening in your business over that month, so what offers, products, services you need to be promoting, and then we find ways to do it in a way that feels right for you. 

We also look at key dates like awareness days, dates in the calendar.

You always plan at least a month ahead as it means that the things that you need to get done in August are more likely to get done if you talked about the beginning of July.

All recordings, training videos, PDFs and guides are stored inside a learning portal that you can log into at any time.

How the coaching calls work

It’s very simple question-and-answer style. You come along with any question that you might have, and it might be me who helps answer it or other people in the mini membership.

I encourage people to come to these coaching calls because when you’ve got something you’re working on, and you want it to be a success, support makes a massive difference. 

If you’re trying to figure out stuff and find the way forward on your own and there’s a bump in the road or something that you are struggling with, you can get stuck and the coaching call is to help you navigate the obstacle and move forward.

Plus you’ve become accountable by sharing in the group, so you make things happen! We have two each month.

How the co-working works

This is where you get your content DONE. It’s all very well having your notes and ideas floating around but life can get in the way.

So I put on THREE co-working sessions each month so you can get your content for the following month done, posts written, graphics made, posts scheduled.

Then you can go back to doing what you enjoy, knowing your marketing is ticking over, bringing people into your world. They are hour-long sessions on Zoom,

Examples of success stories from the coaching calls

Nicki Cameron is a dog photographer at The Art of Dog Photography and wanted to build her email list. She came with an idea for a Brighten up my January challenge around people sharing a photo of their dog every day. 

We figured out a way for her to get people to sign up to take part in the challenge by joining her email list and put together an idea for an eBook people could buy meaning she was able to monetise the challenge. 

So she came to the call with an idea for a 31-day photo challenge. And she came away with a way to start her email list, and she now has over 300 subscribers and is making sales of her eBook.

Niki French runs Pup Talk, an online membership and community and podcasts for dog owners and works one to one with clients as well in person. 

Niki came to one of the coaching calls to plan Pup Fest, an online event every January that helps people see what it’s like to work with her, bringing people in to membership.

She was looking for inspiration around the theme of this year’s Pup Fest. And she walked away with lots of people to interview and the theme was New Year’s resolutions for you and your dog. 

Jo Sellers from Pippin Pets came to talk about her new book, Adore Your Adolescent Dog which is coming out in March. 

She received loads of suggestions from the group, people have written books, people who wanted to support her and have her write articles or go on podcasts or go do lives. 

So Jo came away with a really great plan for how to promote her book and a schedule of interviews and collaborations to help her launch with a bang. 

Hayley Bonwick from Handmade by Hayley wanted to launch a dog snood on Blue Monday, and she walked away with a plan on how to launch her new product. 

Hayley found putting her plan out there to everybody in the group meant she got the thing done and launched her newsletter at the same time too.

Stacey Fenn is a dog trainer at The Truthful Trainer. She wanted to have some clarity around what her messaging was as she was moving in a different direction. 

She’s sharing lots of really great honest advice about the reality of having a dog and needed some insights on where to start with her content on social media and website.

She went away with clarity, feedback on her ideas and support. 

Zita Wells runs Pet Petrol 365, a pet care and dog training business, and she wanted support with press and radio pitches. 

She left feeling prepared for her interview on her local radio station who offered her a regular slot, and she also landed some coverage in a national newspaper. 

How the community element works

There’s a private Facebook group where you can get support and advice, share your wins, ask questions, find people to collaborate with, and be around people who share similar goals.

How the directory works

Each member has a listing on my pet blog,

This has been in the UK top ten pet blogs as voted by media monitoring service Vuelio for the last six years. 

It’s a trusted platform for pet owners and a way for your product or service to be discovered.

It’s important to build credible backlinks to your website to improve your ranking on Google. 

Backlinks are like endorsements for you and your site, and the more you have, the higher search engines regard you.

Who the membership is NOT a good fit for

It’s not for you if…

You want to be in a membership with a big online marketing superstar like Amy Porterfield or Lisa Johnson, who are multimillionaires and have multi-million pound launches. 

You’re looking for someone to do your marketing for you, so write your social media posts, write your blogs, to do your PR.

You want one-to-one. I do offer a six-month one-to-one programme and if you decide this is for you, you have access to the mini-membership as part of the package. (book a call here)

You want templates and graphics made for you, and the reason why I don’t do this is that I encourage you to create your own content that’s unique to you. 

You really like working on your own, you don’t want other people’s advice, time and knowledge as the group calls wouldn’t be suited to you.

You’re looking for one thing that’s going to transform your business – because there is no one thing – it’s a combination of lots of different things. 

You’re not going to be able to stay for the 12 month commitment and very affordable payment plan. Please don’t join for a month and then leave.

Who the membership is a good fit for

It’s for you if…..

You if you want to put your personality into your marketing and create stories and content that make you stand out from the competition. 

You if you want to be more visible, be consistent and you’d like some support to make that happen. 

You’d like to work with somebody who’s going to be batting for you and in your pocket when you need support or if you’ve got a question or you’re having a bit of a wobble. 

You want to have contact with the person who runs the programme! I run them all myself, there’s only me, not a team of coaches that you might experience with a superstar coach! 

You’d like being part of a community and celebrating people’s wins with them and other people celebrating your wins and supporting you through the challenging times. 

You enjoy being in a group and you’re one of those lovely people who are generous with your advice and knowledge and not a precious Paul or Pauline.

You want a sounding board. If you’ve got an idea and you want to run it by other people and myself, that’s what the community is all about. 

You enjoy setting goals and having people hold you accountable so they happen and you accomplish the things that you want to do. 

What to do if you want to join

Head to the sign-up page here:

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have instant access, and you’ll be invited to the members’ Facebook community. Any questions, let me know and it would be great to see you there.

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