Thinking of starting a podcast for your pet business?

Thinking of starting a podcast for your pet business? Having your own show is a way to give a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you and build trust and a feeling of familiarity with your potential clients fast. Because you’re in your listener’s ears, there’s a real intimacy about the relationship. You […]

How to start a pet blog or pet business blog

Thinking of starting a pet blog or a blog for your pet business? Having a blog gives you a creative outlet to share whatever you like, whether it’s showing off your pet or putting something you feel passionate in the spotlight. It’s a platform you control, where you’re not at the mercy of ever changing […]

How Becky Baker turned her puppy mum struggles into the K9Nation app

When Becky Baker welcomed Cockapoo Buddy into her home five years ago she admits she didn’t quite know what had hit her. Sleepless nights, toilet training and constantly worrying whether she was doing things right led her to having the ‘puppy blues.’ But she also had a lightbulb moment – if she was feeling like […]