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Hear firsthand from my clients about how working together has helped them grow and thrive in the pet industry

“Rachel has attracted a lovely bunch of pet business owners and created a place of support and inspiration. I joined was looking for some accountability when I needed it.

“I’m pretty established in my niche but there’s always more to learn. I get great value from the coaching calls & I’m hoping the planning calls will enable me to flex my organisational skills.

“Since joining I’ve worked with two other members and had a couple reach out to me. I see the community that Rachel has created helping and supporting members daily and having a pet specific place is what we all needed!

“The difference since working with Rachel is that I’m now giving myself more time to work ON my business and not just IN my business. Being more strategic translates into being better organised and providing our customers with a better service.”

Debbie shares her experience on the podcast here.

Debbie Humphreys

“I was acutely aware that PR was a missing piece of my marketing and would help level up my business.

“I loved the laser focus of the day with Rachel. I struggle with a ‘blank piece of paper’ so working through all the steps and actions I needed meant I made so much more progress than working on it on my own.

“The coverage I received from my awareness day #dontwalkyourdogday was ridiculous. It went viral and was picked up all over the world. Other ideas have featured in The Telegraph, Dogs Today Magazine, Metro and a follow-up in Mirror Online.

“The accountability that came with investing has helped me keep the momentum going and I work on my PR every week.

“I’m now getting approaches from journalists looking for comment from me on topical stories and I’ve made my investment back six times over.”

Listen to Niki’s viral experience here.

Niki French

“I’ve been working one-to-one with Rachel for a year in her Mastermind programme having joined her membership in 2021 to raise the profile of my yellow, space awareness products for anxious dogs.

“Rachel gave me the confidence to stick my toe in the limelight and then a bit more until I had the confidence to jump out and say, ‘Hey I’m here.’

“I’ve appeared in national newspapers, dog magazines, on leading podcasts, and BBC radio.

“This means my passion for supporting anxious dogs and their owners has reached people all over the world and the impact is that life is less stressful for dogs and families.

“Rachel listened to me and stood by my side when others didn’t believe in me. She’s a very kind and wonderful human being that I have had the pleasure to work with and call my friend.

“In my first year, my turnover was four times what it was before we worked together.

“In the second year, it was seven times more.”

Listen to Sarah’s podcast interview here

Sarah Jones

I’ve been working with Rachel for a while now in her Mastermind mentoring programme. As a coach, Rachel has great listening skills. 

“You have her full attention, she doesn’t interrupt, and steers the discussion with open questions. 

“This allows you to think out loud and discuss, rather than be spoken to or judged. 

“It’s important to trust the person you’re talking to, when you are raising topics that can be personal or business sensitive.

“Rachel was the first person I went to for guidance on my book launch. 

“My very first book, Adore Your Adolescent Dog, has gone live, but in the months leading up to this, our calls really helped me to plan ideas and pitches going forward.  

“Her invaluable advice was not just for launch day, and I have a range of ideas to continue with now it is published.  

“This is from print media, online, socials, collaborations and more.”

Jo Sellers

“I worked with Rachel on a consultancy call as I wanted some press coverage for my cat-sitting business and she helped me structure the layout of the press release to attract the media attention.

“She suggested titles and people to approach and, less than 24 hours after our call, my business appeared in Warrington Worldwide.

“And I had a telephone interview with the Warrington Guardian and appeared there a few days later. 

“Rachel helped so much and I would 100% recommend her to help point you in the right direction.

“She has such a lovely manner and it was a real pleasure to work with her.

“I’m now part of her Pets Get Visible membership which means I have support and accountability to keep on top of my marketing.”

Wendy Thomson

“I’ve been working with Rachel since September 2019 on courses and in her Pets Get Visible membership and she’s skillfully helped me to transform the visibility of my small business.

“I’ve been in newspapers, glossy magazines, had my handmade dog accessories seen on famous dogs, and even supplied a TV series with products for one of their dog actors. 

“She has an innate skill, providing clarity around your message, and then she gives you the confidence to approach the press and the courage to send off pitches!

“Rachel is so down to earth, lovely and encouraging too which makes her an absolute dream to work with.

“Working with Rachel has been the very best investment I’ve made in my business. I’ve won awards and grown the business to the point where I supply several pet shops too.”

Hear Kim’s story by clicking here.

Kim O'Donnell

“I joined Rachel’s Pets Get Visible membership as I was looking for a supportive community. When you’re working alone, the self-doubt can be huge.

“Being a part of a community is a constant reassurance that you’re working in the right direction.

“I was also seeking someone to bounce ideas off, who has knowledge in the pet industry so that when I came up against problems or had questions, I could run it past them and receive guidance on how best to move forward

“Now, I’m definitely more confident.  In the first month alone, I completed two tasks that I had been putting off for YEARS, starting my blog and newsletter. That happened because of such a supportive community, plus the signposting and guidance Rachel gave that put to bed the reservations that I had about doing them. 
“If you’re thinking of working with Rachel, don’t hesitate, I really have my MOJO back.
“Rachel supports businesses on their OWN paths. I have been in groups before where we all had to do the same sort of things, which was crazy given that we are all such different businesses within the pet industry.
“Rachel nurtures each individual business with a person-centred approach, which is possibly the biggest benefit of all.”

Helen 'Scotty' King

“When I joined Rachel’s Pets Get Visible membership, I wanted encouragement to just do stuff, be brave and be me. I knew I’d hear ‘If you don’t want to do it, don’t’. 
“I was already quite confident in ways, but Rachel has given me the courage to approach people I wouldn’t have before, such as headteachers to chat about giving talks to pupils.
“As well as being invited to give the talks, I also approached my local newspaper reporter and they did an article on my business too.
“If you’re thinking of working with Rachel, I’d say, ‘Just do it!’ Rachel is really lovely and genuinely wants to help. You’ll feel more confident and brave.”

Lindsay Hampshire

“I started one-to-one coaching with Rachel as I was beginning to feel really overwhelmed with everything that a business required of me! 

“I knew that I needed to get myself out there more as well which really put me out of my comfort zone. I just needed to connect with someone who I could talk to openly and honestly, where there would be no judgment made.

“I felt supported and had finally found someone who ‘got’ me. I accomplished so much! From being able to step away from the overwhelm and break it into tiny pieces to having the courage to send a press release to the local paper.

“The impact on my business was huge! I now have the courage to step out of my comfort zone (most of the time!) and believe in what I do and how it is okay to do it in a way that sits right with me.
“Anyone thinking about working with Rachel – stop thinking and just do it. You will never regret it your dreams will start to become your reality.”

Sandra Emmons

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