How to get maximum press coverage in minimum time with Emily Thomas

Would you love to raise the profile of your pet business but feel your so busy trying to spin a hundred different plates that you just wouldn’t be able to find the time? If the answer is yes then I think you’ll be inspired with this podcast episode with Emily Thomas who runs two pet […]

Sustainability and what it means for your pet business with Jo Baker

Would you love to know more about how to have an eco friendly, sustainable pet brand? Do you want to carry on doing what you love and ensure you’re caring for the environment at the same time? It can be really overwhelming considering not just your business but the planet too, there are so many […]

Using LinkedIn to grow your pet business with Helen Pritchard

Wonder whether LinkedIn could work for your pet business? Maybe you’ve heard of it but don’t have a clue how to use it? Or – and this is sooo common – you’ve dismissed it thinking ‘LinkedIn isn’t for pets!’ It can seem scary adding another social channel string to our bow as a small business. […]

Getting your pet business seen everywhere with Carol Ashworth

Putting you and your pet business out there can feel like a minefield.We are continually told about what we should and shouldn’t be doing, what’s right and wrong.It can feel like we’re pulled in so many directions but the reality is to be visible, it’s about finding what works for you.In this episode I’m speaking […]

How teaching your dog tricks can improve your pics with photographer Liz Gregg

Would you love to learn how to take scroll stopping photos of your pet? To celebrate having fun with your dog while attracting fans and potentially clients too? Liz Gregg is a professional photographer and creator of the Instagram account. The adventures of Elsa, Jeannie and Dolly have led to her being featured by […]

Publicity Tips From Pet Businesses

Would you like tried and tested publicity tips that have worked for other pet business owners? For them to explain how you can go about getting yourself in the spotlight? To celebrate the Publicity for Pet Businesses podcast being a year old, I’ve invited a group of petpreneurs who have landed fantastic press coverage to […]

Karen Boyce on landing her dog training business 30 pieces of PR in a year

As dog trainers were forced to stop working during the Coronavirus pandemic, behaviourist Karen Boyce knew that media coverage would keep her front of mind with dog owners. In the past 18 months alone, Karen, from Beastly Thoughts in Wales, has been featured more than 30 times in the press, including many times through lockdown. […]

Hannah Capon shares how pet professionals can help fight arthritis

Would you like to be able to do more to support dog owners when it comes to identifying and managing arthritis in their pets? The disease is one of the most common causes of elective euthanisia in dogs and Hannah Capon, founder of Canine Arthritis Management, wants to change this. Between 35 and 45 per […]

How Becky Baker turned her puppy mum struggles into the K9Nation app

When Becky Baker welcomed Cockapoo Buddy into her home five years ago she admits she didn’t quite know what had hit her. Sleepless nights, toilet training and constantly worrying whether she was doing things right led her to having the ‘puppy blues.’ But she also had a lightbulb moment – if she was feeling like […]