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Kim O’Donnell runs Leo, Charley and Me, a pet accessory business and has had her products and personal story featured in media outlets around the world.

We started working together on her visibility back in October 2019 when she set up her business.

Since then Kim’s handmade products have won awards, she won a place at Theo Paphitis’ Autumn Fair and she’s been able to donate thousands of pounds to Spaniel Aid, the charity that saved her dog Charley who inspired her business.

In this video interview Kim shares her experience of working together and taking part in my Be Bold Bootcamp.

Here is a snapshot of why she took part and what she achieved.

Kim O’Donnell – Leo, Charley and Me pet accessories


Challenge: Lost mojo on social media 

Goal: To feel more confident promoting products and to launch a range for the Platinum Jubilee

Outcome: Kim used the Bootcamp to start posting consistently and build momentum again on social media. Her Platinum Jubilee range sold out twice, meaning Kim made her investment back five times over.

Kim said: “I ended up selling out for a second time with hundreds of bandanas and bow ties and scrunchies you know winging away all over the country, getting dogs ready for the Platinum Jubilee. 

“I was absolutely gobsmacked. It was a phenomenal result from those four weeks concentrating on getting your head right, actually isolating the things that you need to do to be bold. 

“And then getting on and doing it and having someone like you making me accountable to actually push the button and send it off and get on with it.” 

Watch Kim’s interview here:

Key topics and timings in this video

0.17 – Introduction to Kim and her business

1.41 – How Kim felt she was struggling with promoting her products

3.31 – Kim’s focus for the course and why she wanted to overcome her fears around marketing and struggling around overwhelm on social media

6.30 – Why Kim feels passionate about supporting Spaniel Aid

7.14 – Launching her Platinum Jubilee collection and selling out TWICE

11.53 – Feeling supported by others in the course group

12.55 – How Kim made her investment back five times over from one range

13.25 – Kim’s Twin With Your Dog Day on December 2nd

15.32 – Her advice to anyone thinking of taking part in the course 

This course is no longer available, but Kim is part of my Pets Get Visible membership.

Find out more about joining Is my Pets Get Visible Membership right for you


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Kim O’Donnell runs Leo, Charley and Me, a pet accessory business and has had her products and per...

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