How to create a bank of ‘anytime’ content for your pet business


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Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to dip into a bucket of ready to go social media posts about your pet business every time you’re stuck for what to say.

Material that you’ve created, so it’s not something you’ll see other businesses sharing, and content that’s unique to you and personalised for your clients?

Having a bank of content can take away the ‘aghhhh’ and the demands you feel are put on you to constantly feed social media and content platforms.

And ultimately make your life easier.

In this podcast I’m sharing why a bank of content can help you, when you can use it, how to go about creating one, how it can make your life less stressful.

Plus ways I can support you in going about creating one.

Listen in on the player link below or you can read the key points as a blog post.

What is ‘anytime’ or evergreen content? 

It’s content that’s not time sensitive so you can use it whenever you like. 

This type of content retains its value and appeal over time. 

It focuses on topics, information, or insights that don’t expire, where the information shared will always be the same.

Evergreen content isn’t tied to specific dates, seasons, or trends, making it something that’s useful and shareable whenever you want to put it out there.

Why is it helpful to have a bank of evergreen content

You’re consistent 

By having a bank of evergreen content, you can maintain a consistent presence on social media. 

Regularly posting relevant and engaging content helps build brand awareness and keeps your business in the minds of your audience. 

So even during busy periods you keep an active presence.

You save time 

Creating fresh content for social media can be time-consuming. 

Having a bank of evergreen content means you can repurpose existing content, so it’s easier to plan and schedule posts in advance. 

That frees you up to focus on doing the things you want to do in your business without neglecting their social media presence.

When you’d use your bank of evergreen content

When you get busy

If you bring in staff they can use it as it’s all there and you don’t need to worry about not sounding like you. 

In case of emergency 

Unforeseen circumstances may arise that demand your immediate attention.

Your bank of evergreen content can act as a backup plan for your social media.

When you’re stuck for ideas

If you’re having a creative block or you’re all out of ideas (if so you need to join Pets Get Visible!)

Your bank of evergreen content will be a valuable resource to keep your social media channels active. 

How to go about creating your bank of evergreen content

Think of common questions around your product or service, and imagine you’ve just landed from Mars.

Take away all the assumptions you might make and create like you’ve never heard of what you offer.

Think about the key areas you cover and create useful content that answers queries around your offers.

Organise this material into categories, for example my key topics are press coverage, content marketing, coaching and confidence building.

Create quality content, and remember your old blogs and other content that has landed well can be repurposed and go in the bank.

Have an idea of how much you want to create for your content bank and chip away at it in small batches.

Put in a scheduler like Buffer or Later, or Asana, Trello or a simple Google doc or paper diary.

Use whatever system works for you.

There’s an amazing FREE training on the link below from Amy Mitchell, who is an Asana expert:

How to use your ‘anytime’ content once you’ve created it

Decide on the posts you will share regularly, for example, you might share a clients story or testimonial every Tuesday.

Put in your calendar or Asana/Trello or diary when you’re going to post.

Have the post ready or schedule ahead.

Keep the posts in a system so you can access them again any time they’re needed.

How to make it work hard for you and make your life less stressful

You don’t need to keep writing out the same things over and over or creating fresh graphics.

You can rewrite posts you’ve already used – try ChatGPT too – and re-use graphics.

Trust me, no-one notices and no-one will hold it against you even if they do.

With tools like Buffer, you can repost and reshare your content.

Inside Asana, you can set tasks to repeat.

You can store your images in Dropbox in folders so they’re easy to find.

So when you need a post, it takes you a minute to go and find everything you need and share it.

What to do if you’d like some support with doing this

I’ve shared everything you need to know about your bank of ‘anytime’ or evergreen content in this episode.

And if you’re like to work together on this, I’d love to invite you to join my Pets Get Visible mini-membership.

At the end of May 2023, I’m running a Content Bank Co-working week.

The sessions take place on Tuesday May 30th, Wednesday May 31st and Thursday June 1st.

You’ll be given my ’31 ideas you can use any time’ to inspire your post.

Each day we’ll get together on Zoom and write out ten of the posts.

And by the end you’ll have 31 posts that are unique to your business you can use any time.

Want to learn more? 

Here’s how to join Pets Get Visible for just £20 a month and have content inspiration all year round.

Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you?

Learn how to work with me:

Amy Mitchell and Asana:

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Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to dip into a bucket of ready to go social media...

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