Five places to pitch stories for your pet service business


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Would you love to get media coverage for your pet service business but feel unsure where to start?

If you’re a service provider like a dog walker, groomer, trainer or pet sitter, then it’s vital people who live nearby know about what it is that you have to offer.

Having media coverage can elevate your status and make you the star pet business and the go-to person in your town or village.

But where do you start when it comes to pitching?

Last week I did a Twitter Q and A for #PetworkingHour and this was where people seemed to get stuck.

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So in this episode I explore the different types of places you can pitch to. You can listen in on the link below or read as a blog post.


Five media outlets to pitch to for your pet service business

In this post you will discover five places you can pitch story ideas about your pet business to ahead of the PR challenge taking place on September 14-18th 2020.

Plus there’s plenty of examples from pet business owners who have pitched successfully and have become the name on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

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Local newspapers

If you’re looking to let people know about your pet service business, a local newspaper is a great place to start.
While sales are declining, they are most likely to have an online edition and large social media following.
Have a good read through your local newspaper and consider the different slots you could fit into.
Karen Boyce from Beastly Thoughts pet services in Shropshire has had a series of articles in two of her local papers in the last 18 months, which has helped her puppy classes sell out and for her to be crowned ‘Wales’ most popular puppy trainer.’
You can read the article here: Karen Boyce – The most popular dog trainer in Wales

Local magazines

Wherever you live, there will be at least a handful of local lifestyle magazines and directories.
They are created by people living in your area to share news and provide details of service based businesses.
They will need content so consider pitching to these titles.
Jude Davidson from Park Life Honiton has had two pieces featured in local magazines, including a lovely story about terrier Magnus and how he has overcome behavioural problems as one of her walking clients.

Hyperlocal websites

Google ’news websites’ and the area where you live and a series of smaller, hyperlocal websites will come up.
They often have huge online communities and social media reach, just like a website from a traditional newspaper.
Many are run by one or just a few people, so will be very receptive to interesting stories and press releases.
In this episode I talk about Cumbria Crack, a website which often leads with the news in Cumbria.


Radio is a powerful medium and has seen a huge rise in listeners in lockdown.
Consider building relationships with your local stations so they come to you as an expert on any pet related features.
Kerry Lawson who runs The Happy Dog Project in Leeds recently appeared on the radio talking about anxiety in dogs as we return to work.
Becky Baker from K9Nation featured on BBC Radio Leeds last week too, talking about her K9CleanUp campaign.

Local pet blogs

A blogger has a clearly defined audience, so you know you’re reaching potentially tens of thousands of pet owners by appearing on their platform.

This is great for visibility in your area.
Gabby Kuehn from PAAW House – a private members club and community campaigning for more landlords to be pet friendly, worked with The Dogvine when she launched a charity campaign earlier this year.
The events were being held in London and Teresa Keohane at The Dogvine is the UK’s top dog blogger, covering dog friendly London, so it was perfect for the audience she wanted to reach to support her appeal for StreetVet.

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Would you love to get media coverage for your pet service business but feel unsure where to start...

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