Growing a successful online dog training business with Caroline Wilkinson


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What do you need to create a successful online dog training business?

Caroline Wilkinson from Barket Place is a dog trainer, behaviourist, and online pet coach who created her digital business way before the world went online and she’s sharing her experience in this podcast chat.

Her background is in digital marketing, and when her first dog, Ezri, came into her life, she wanted to learn more about how our dogs think and feel.

So she decided to study dog training and behaviour, first shadowing another pet professional, then studying to become a trainer and a behaviourist.

Caroline built a local service business through networking, collaboration, supporting pet carers in her area, and was able to step away from marketing.

Then she decided to combine her former career and her passion to create Barket Place, an online training and support community for pet parents.

She works with pet brands as an expert, including Forthglade pet food and Dorwest Herbs, and has been featured in publications including the Telegraph, the Guardian, and Edition Dog.

In this interview, Caroline talks about her career as a pet professional and you’ll learn what goes on behind the scenes in running a successful online business.

Key topics and timings 

Introduction to Caroline’s business and her background in Digital Marketing. (1.30)

Why Caroline decided to make the transition to having an online business. (3.54)

Caroline talks about the challenges of launching an online dog training business. (7.03)

The importance of building an audience and marketing. (10.06)

How Caroline went about building a community to make her online business sustainable. (11.46)

The nuts and bolts of creating and building an online business and Caroline’s advice for other pet professionals thinking of taking their business online. (15.18)

Why it’s important to be visible and authentic. (18.24)

How collaboration and working with others can help you grow your online business. (22.21)

PR and media opportunities and their impact on Caroline’s authority. (24.54)

Why relationships and support are key when you’re working online. (27.32)

Navigating social media and stepping away from drama online. (30.02)

Caroline shares the marketing strategies she’d found have worked for her business. (32.06)

Why we mustn’t forget about prioritising well-being and self-care. (34.25)

Why it’s ok to do things your own way. (38.12)

What’s next for Caroline? (40.48)

Where to find out more about Caroline and Barket Place. (43.01)

Links mentioned in this episode

Visit Caroline’s website at


Free Facebook group:



Join our club:


My interview with Caroline back in 2019 about Mindful Living and our dogs:

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What do you need to create a successful online dog training business? Caroline Wilkinson from ...

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