How to get press coverage for your pet business from Crufts


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Crufts is happening from March 7th to 10th 2024 and if you’re involved, this is a chance to get some press coverage.

If you’re there showing a dog, taking part in Scruffts, joining in the dog sports or showcasing your product you can pitch to the press about it.

In this podcast episode I’m sharing how to get press coverage from Crufts.

And if you’d like to get a little more support or ask any questions around using Crufts as a media opportunity, you can book a one to one for an hour with me.

Find out more about how the sessions work and how to use them to put together a press release here.

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Why is going to Crufts such a big deal?!

Congratulations if you are part of Crufts, which is taking place over four days from 7th to 10th March because it is a massive deal! 

Crufts attracts more than 150,000 people and 27,000 dogs, so it is quite the event!

It is the ‘World’s Greatest Celebration of Dogs’ and as well as the showing, there is the Discover Dogs zone where you can meet 200 breeds.

There’s halls and halls of shopping, agility and sports like flyball, plus celebrations of rescue dogs, and all of this can make for stories! 

Why pitch to the press about Crufts?

You’re potentially being seen by 150,000 people who are in the NEC in Birmingham but it doesn’t need to end there.

If you get press coverage because of appearing at Crufts, you’re able to reach thousands, even millions more people.

It’s a huge ripple effect and being part of Crufts gives your authority and reputation a huge boost too. So show it off.

Where can you pitch about Crufts?

Depending on what you do in your pet business and how you’re taking part in Crufts will depend on where is best to approach.

You can consider pitching to local and regional outlets, trade publications and national media.

Local and regional outlets

This is ideal if you’re a service provider and you want to make an impression on the pet owners in your local community.

For example, Karen Boyce from Beastly Thoughts Dog Training in Wales has had a number of articles about her Cruft wins.

This makes her stand out from the other dog trainers on her patch and has helped her attract new clients.

Read Karen’s Crufts win story here. 

Likewise Claire Lawrence from High Peak Dog services in Derbyshire, who has appeared in local newspapers, magazines and radio sharing her Crufts achievements.

Read Claire’s Crufts win story here.

If you’ve a product business and are exhibiting at Crufts, this can be of interest to the local media too, who love to celebrate people from their area doing great things.

And if your dog is part of the Kennel Club Hero Award, Scruffts, or you have a heartwarming, human interest story about your dog this could work for your local press.

Trade publications

Are you launching a new product at Crufts? This could be a story for pet trade titles.

Maybe you’re celebrating a milestone in your business, such as 10, 15 or 20 years? 

Or a quirky campaign, like the Nature’s Menu poo bag challenge in 2019.

Again, this could be an angle that you can use around Crufts.

Read about Nature’s Menu in Pet Gazette here:

National Press

Journalists from the National media attend Crufts and thousands of press releases are sent out each year from brands.

The kind of stories that make the national press include heartwarming human interest stories of inspiring dogs, innovative products, trends and spotlights on people making a difference for our dogs.

There are fun stories too.

Remember Kratu who came up with his own fun interpretation of the agility course in 2018?

He went viral and featured in media outlets all over the world.

And his owner Tess Eagle Swan has even written a book about his incredible life thanks to him making a huge impression at Crufts. 

Getting started with pitching about Crufts

If you’re thinking you’d like to get some press coverage from Crufts then you can come and get support with this for just £30 a month inside of my Pets Get Visible membership.

Head here to join and there is no minimum commitment. Join Pets Get Visible.

Or head to my Work With Me page to book a one to one session to help get your pet business noticed.

If you found this post helpful, you might like to read Five steps to get press coverage for your pet business or How to write a press release for your pet business. 


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Crufts is happening from March 7th to 10th 2024 and if you’re involved, this is a chance to...

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