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When you run your own business, promoting what you do is one of the many tasks you need to learn fast and get on with.

You’re grappling with what to post on social media, what platforms are best for you, whether you should have a blog, what your audience likes and much more.

That’s why I’ve made the Pets Get Visible membership as a place for you to go to get the support and resources you need to figure this stuff out.

It’s a simple toolkit with the essentials you need to market your business, plus a friendly community and coaching when you need it.

You get to have your pet business on an award-winning pet blog and directory where thousands of pet parents head each month in search of advice and things to help their pets.

It’s not full of MORE stuff you need to learn. 

There’s no MORE experts coming to tell you what you should be doing and how to hop on the latest trend and give them money.

You won’t have to turn up to loads of calls or give up hours of your life.

It’s now just £30 a month or £330 for the year. (the founder member rate was until the end of 2022)

In this podcast I’m sharing all you need to know about my new mini-membership and you can listen on the player link below or carry on reading the key points as a blog.

What is the Pets Get Visible mini-membership 

It’s a learning portal and supportive community for pet business owners, run by me, Rachel Spencer, a pet business marketing coach, starting at the end of November. 

It will be made up of the following:

Content – A pet business profile raising toolkit inside a learning portal with resources including social media and content planners, helpful templates for things like blogs, podcast pitches, things like ’15 ways to talk about the same thing’ and checklists.

All the content is available inside of an app, meaning you can listen on the go, search and find resources you need, and dip in and out at your convenience.

Community – there’ll be a Facebook group to connect, collaborate, support one another and get inspired. 

Join in as much or as little as you like with weekly prompts and use the group as a space where you can ask for advice and feel supported.

Coaching – there will be monthly coaching and planning calls. You’ll get a calendar for each month with key things happening and awareness days. 

We’ll plan your content together for over a month ahead, so in July, we’ll be looking at August.

The coaching is an ‘ask me anything’ where you come along with any questions or challenges you might have with a coaching or marketing training at the beginning then Q and A and I run two each month.

Directory – each business will be given a directory listing on my pet blog – this is an award winning pet blog with helpful information and inspiring stories for pet owners rather than pet businesses. 

This is a way to reach potential clients and give a valuable backlink to your website.

What’s the investment?

The Pets Get Visible is a year long commitment and is just £30 a month or £330 for the year. (the founder member rate was until the end of 2022)

Head to the sign up page here:

Why is it so affordable?

With everything that’s happening with the cost of living crisis, I want to make it easy for people to get support and feel part of a community and more in control of their business.

I’ve learned so much from working with and listening to small business owners like you over the last four years.

With this new membership I want to create something amazing so I can help as many people as I can, at a time when small businesses really need it.

And if you would like more bespoke 1-1 support, this is available too.

Is press coverage covered?

Yes, there’s a resource inside for pitching to the press and a press release guide and template, but the focus is not solely on press coverage as my old membership was.

I feel passionately that there’s so much small businesses can do to get their awesome work out there and grow and it doesn’t just stop at press.

It’s all about having the systems in place, joining the dots, having a supportive community behind you and the confidence to do stuff that might feel complicated and overwhelming but will really move you forward.

Like your website, email newsletter, social media channels. I know when you get this right, you’re bringing new people into your world all the time because I’m doing it too.

What are your coaching credentials?

In 2022 I took the Institute of Learning and Management Level 5 qualification in coaching and mentoring and qualified as a coach in December 2022. t

You can read about the programme here.

Studying has helped me see my strength is making the complicated feel doable and helping people put on their big girl pants and do brave things.

This is combined with decades of experience as a journalist, telling stories, then as a blogger, finding out how to publish online and engage and attract readers to my own platform.

And since 2019, I’ve been showing people how to get press coverage. Now I’m qualified as a coach, I want to bring everything I’ve learned together.

That’s why I’m refreshing the membership, so it’s not solely focused on press coverage and gives you an entire toolkit to raise your profile.

Would you like to be a part of the mini-membership?

If this sounds good, there are two payment options – £30 for pay monthly – it is a year long commitment – or £330 for the year.

Head to the sign up page here:

I would love for you to be part of this, so if you’d like to know more, let me know.

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When you run your own business, promoting what you do is one of the many tasks you need to learn ...

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