Reflecting on 2023, business buddies and looking forward to 2024


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How was 2023 for you? Is it a year you’re happy to look back on or one you’d rather forget?

This week’s podcast is about reflecting on the last 12 months, because there will be high points and inside of the challenges there are always lessons.

It’s also about looking forward to 2024 and thinking about what you want for your business for the year ahead.

So that you can break your goals down into manageable milestones and think about what you’d like to focus on.

The episode also talks about being kind to yourself when you reflect or when you set your future goals, and letting go of things that aren’t working anymore.

Plus how having an accountability buddy by your side will help you when the road gets rocky, and when you want to whoop about your wins.

Inside I’m sharing lots of personal anecdotes about 2023, what’s in store for 2024, and why a business mini-break might be just what you need to kick off the year.

Listen in on the player link below:

Key topics and timings in this episode:

What to expect from this episode (1.01).
Background to my experience with having an accountability buddy (1.42).
The benefits of having a business or accountability buddy and why that helps you bring your goals to life (3.40).
An overview of how Kerry and I reflected on 2023 and planned for 2024 (4.20).
My goal to run an in-person event next year (4.40).
Mindset challenges we discussed during our retreat (5.31).
Trying out outdoor coaching with Kerry (6.38).
Ways to reflect on 2023 – not an easy year and how world events can impact on us (9.39).
Pick three things you’re proud of from 2023 (10.48).
Did you learn any new skills? How did you grow? (11.04).
The importance of reflecting with self-compassion and kindness (14.24).
Deciding on what you could let go of when it comes to reflecting on the year (15.12).
Considering your goals for 2024 (17.07).
Do your goals fit in with your business vision? (18.05).
Keeping track of your goals. What will your milestones be? (20.04).
Deciding on whether you set 30, 60, or 90-day goals (21.17).
Building reflective practice into your business, no matter what you do (23.47).
The role of a business buddy and why everyone should have one (24.16).
How you can work with me if you’d like to try coaching (28.16).

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How was 2023 for you? Is it a year you’re happy to look back on or one you’d rather forget? Th...

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