Profile raising ideas for your pet business this summer


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Are you looking for inspiration for ideas for your pet business this summer?

The hot weather presents so many content and media opportunities.

From safety messages pet parents need to hear over and over again about not leaving their dogs in cars, to fun games and products pets can enjoy.

Having your content planned out means you can be consistent with marketing for your social media, newsletter, email marketing and press pitches.

Then you’re front of mind for your existing customers, plus if you’re pitching to the press, you’re attracting new ones too.

In this podcast episode you’ll find loads of profile raising ideas for the summer months, covering July, August and September.

Plus learn how we can work together on your ideas with a special workshop and consultancy call offer too.

Listen in on the player link below or carry on reading as a blog post.

Why plan your summer content for your pet business?

You want to be ahead of the competition, and not scrambling around at the last minute.

Having a clear plan of what’s coming up means you can put some thought into what you’re putting out there.

Plus get inspired for offers, acitivities and promotions to make more sales in your pet business.

Why create content for your pet business around the seasons?

What it’s like being a pet parent in the summer is different to the winter, and your clients look to you for advice.

Likewise, if someone is landing on your website and you’ve got loads of helpful resources, it helps you stand out from the other pet pros they may be checking out.

And if you’re able to get in the press sharing your expertise, that’s building your credibility and can lead to bookings or sales.

If you’ve a product that’s summer themed, whether it’s an essential like a portable water bottle, a fun accessory or toy, you can use the summer as a hook or angle.

Here are the key dates for July, August and September 

Key July dates for 2022

July 1st – Pet Travel Safety Day (more info on

July 3rd – International Plastic Bag Free Day

July 11th – Cheer up the Lonely Day 

July 14th – Put Your Dog on a Lead Day (more info on

July 16th – Guinea Pig awareness day/World snake day

July 26th – National Dog Photography Day (more info on

Key August dates for 2022

August 1st – Yorkshire Day

August 6th – Fresh Breath Day

August 8th – International Cat Day

August 9th – Book Lovers Day

August 15th – Relaxation Day

August 20th – National Radio Day

August 26th – National Dog Day 

Key September dates for 2022

September 5th – 9th – Zero Waste Week

September 5th – Canine Enrichment Day (more info on

September 6th – Fight Procrastination Day 

September 8th – Dog Walker Appreciation Day

September 11th – Pet Memorial Day

September 12th – National Day of Encouragement

September 19th – Love Your Groomer Day (more info on

September 25th – International Rabbit Day

September 30th – Separation Anxiety Day (more info on

September 30th – Pet Tricks Day (more info on

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Are you looking for inspiration for ideas for your pet business this summer? The hot weather pres...

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