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Would you love to feel more comfortable sharing what you do in your pet business?

Telling your potential clients and customers about the product or service you offer and how it can help them?

Without sounding pushy, selly or desperate.

If so, the Be Bold Bootcamp for pet businesses is for you. It’s a short course designed to give you a gentle nudge when it comes to marketing your business.

Over four weeks you’ll learn to feel more at ease sharing the passion that inspired your business, identify who your dream clients are, tell stories to inspire people to want to work with or buy from you and much more.

This is the second time I’ve run this course and those who took part last time used it as a springboard to launch new products and to be brave enough to approach local dog walking groups and pet professionals for partnerships and referrals.

New niches were embraced, a YouTube channel launched, email newsletters, and affiliate programmes.

These were DREAMS – things that had sat on the to-do list for months, years even, and that now help bring in more customers and sales. 

In this podcast episode you’ll hear from two petpreneurs who have taken part and the impact it had for them.

Listen in on the player link below or you can continue reading the key points as a blog post.

What is the Be Bold Bootcamp

It’s an online course designed to help you feel more bold when it comes to promoting your business.

You didn’t start your business to be a marketer and it can feel hard. So many platforms, so many things you should be doing.

When really all you want to do is get on with working with animals, making your pet product and supporting pet parents.

The course is designed to help you articulate your story, identify who needs to hear it (your ideal client), explore your values and how to share those to attract the right people, figure out what your strengths are and which communication channels best suit you, create a simple content plan to follow so you can go forth, be bold and put yourself out there.

You’ll be part of a group of passionate pet business owners who are in the same place as you, supporting and inspiring each other.

The lowdown on the course

There are four modules and you’ll be invited to a welcome call where everyone gets to meet each other and a celebration Zoom at the end of the course.

Module One covers the fear of being bold, what might be getting in your way when it comes to putting yourself out there and how to overcome it.

Module Two is all about your story, articulating what you do in a compelling way and ensuring it’s consistent so when people discover you they’re like ‘YAY this is what I want, you’re in my head!”

Module Three is about finding your people – the pet parents who need what you offer.

Module Four is about staying bold, creating a simple system for you to follow in your marketing so you can keep showing up, keep putting yourself out there *in a way that feels right for you*

What kind of results can you expect?

Client: Kim O’Donnell – Leo, Charley and Me pet accessories


Challenge: Lost mojo on social media 

Goal: To feel more confident promoting products and to launch a range for the Platinum Jubilee

Outcome: Kim used the Bootcamp to start posting consistently and build momentum again on social media. Her Platinum Jubilee range sold out twice, meaning Kim made her investment back five times over.

Kim said: “Once I started, it got me over the hump of promoting on social media being an impossible task and it soon gained momentum. 

“I got positive feedback and the sales grew and they grew quickly. And before I knew it, I’d sold out, so I had to scramble around getting more material. 

“I got more material and ended up selling out for a second time with hundreds of bandanas and bow ties and scrunchies winging away all over the country, getting dogs ready for the Platinum Jubilee.”

Kim added: “The course helped me pinpoint how I want to do things and feel less pressured.

“Instead of instead of following the pack and posting on social media, five or six times a week, I’ve worked out what’s doable for me. 

“I can manage an email to my email list, a couple of posts a week, and looking for #journorequests. 

“It helped me pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again.”

Client: Fiona Pedley – Pet Industry Virtual Assistant


Challenge: Feel more confident sharing expertise online to attract clients

Goal: To go live on Facebook, pitch to podcasts and launch Power Hours 

Outcome: Fiona went live on Facebook, was interviewed for two podcasts and launched two new services. Her increased confidence has led to sales of her Power Hour and membership package meaning she has trebled her investment for the course.

Fiona said: “I wanted to launch a Power Hour as I see people struggling within the canine industry, whether they’re dog trainers, dog groomers, accessory makers, they can get to a point where they don’t know how to move forward.

“They have so many ideas and feel stuck, and it can be a matter of speaking to someone independently to bring clarity to them. 

“I did a Facebook live to launch my Power Hours and had a dog groomer book in, and this really helped boost my confidence. 

“That led me to launch a Membership and Course support package. Before, I worried about whether I could do it. 

“I knew I could as I’m very techie, but it was the whole ‘Can I say I’m doing this?’ Now it’s launched and I’m enjoying working with clients and not worrying about what people think.”

Fiona added: “Anyone who doesn’t feel confident talking about their business would benefit from it. It’s about pushing your business forward and getting to the level where you can talk about how good your work is and be comfortable doing that.”

The lowdown on the course

The course is £297/£149 a month over two months and you can save £100 with using the EARLYBIRDBBB code at checkout and pay just £197/£99 a month over two months.

To save your place click here:

Here are the dates of the live calls

Welcome Zoom – Tuesday October 4th – 7pm

Module One – Thursday October 6th – 7pm

Module Two – Thursday October 13th – 7pm

Module Three – Thursday October 20th- 7pm

Module Four – Thursday October 27th – 7pm

Go Forth and Be Bold call – Thursday November 3rd – 7pm

If you’d like to join it’s £197 or £99 a month over two months if you sign up before October 2nd – use EARLYBIRDBBB to save £100.

Save your place:

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