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You know what you offer in your pet business makes a difference, but how do people know you’re there to help if they don’t know what you do?

When it comes to creating content to effectively market your work so you CAN reach the people out there who need you, there’s so much conflicting advice.

New platforms, different demands, the latest trends, it’s no surprise it leads to huge overwhelm and makes you want to hide away.

Returning to the question ‘how will they know you’re there to help?’ can be encouraging when it comes to your marketing.

And success with your content comes in stages, first you get comfortable, then you get confident, then you get consistent and your hard work will pay off.

In this episode, I’m talking you through these stages with examples from my own experiences as a content creator too.

Listen in on the player link below.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

Introduction to this episode (0.20)

Why we use our time and energy to create content in the first place and the opportunities it creates (2.32)

Attraction marketing and how this could work for your business (3.17)

Examples of attraction marketing for pet professionals (4.37)

How my Christmas Content Cracked Guide can help you get started (5.21)

How content can help people choose you (or not) (6.56)

How your content can dilute the message from aversive trainers (10.11)

Thoughts on content pillars and taking a relaxed approach (11.04)

Thinking like a journalist with your content (13.29)

Making people feel positive with your content and avoiding shame (16.58)

Why content can be websites, in person, networking, word of mouth, print, PR (17.05)

Feeling comfortable with putting your content out there and letting go of caring what people think (19.02)

Letting go of the need for perfection (20.48)

Why I was utterly terrified the first time I posted on Facebook (21.13)

Getting confident with your content and how it takes time (27.14)

Remembering the confidence you have in your product or offer and channeling this into your content (28.34)

Consistency and why it’s ok to show up 80% of the time (32.15)

Why I had to just stop this year with content and how that impacted my business (32.50)

Case study, why Kat Coroy’s consistent emails have inspired me to want to work with her (34.36)

What to do if you’d like to work with me and get comfortable, confident, and consistent with your content (37.18)

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You know what you offer in your pet business makes a difference, but how do people know you’re th...

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