Why every pet business should have a win folder

Do you keep track of the wins in your pet business? We can get so bogged down in the day to day running around that we don’t find time to celebrate the good stuff. Or, we DO celebrate when things go well, but it’s soon forgotten when we become stressed or busy. Then, when we’re […]

Being brave and putting your pet business out there with Osmaan Sharif 

Is your feeling of not being good enough holding back your business? Maybe you’re always worrying that people will find out you’re not the expert and you’re constantly thinking ‘who am I to say this?’  Perhaps you’re worried about what people will say or criticise something you’ve said? If you were nodding away to any […]

How to deal with criticism from people in your industry

Have you ever posted something on your website or on social media only to be met with catty remarks from your peers? Maybe you’ve shared some advice for the customers or community you serve only to be torn apart by a competitor. Putting yourself out there, and putting your content out there, is brave. We […]

How to find your voice in your content with Rikki Sullivan

When it comes to creating content for your pet business, how do you feel? Do you worry about how you come across? Too formal? Too informal? Too stuffy or professional? It’s important to make the right impression with clients and prospective customers and make them feel that what we provide is right for them. Words […]

Maintaining a positive mindset in your pet business with Sarah Baxter

You might know Sarah Baxter from her awesome pet blog Twilight Bark where she showcased pet brands, shared stories and documented the adventures of her Dachshunds Ted and Millie. Two years ago, after Millie needed surgery, Sarah began training as a business and personal coach with leading experts, Barefoot Coaching. With her experience in the […]

Taking the fear out of putting up prices with Sally Farrant

How do you feel about pricing? Do you feel comfortable and confident when it comes to what you charge or is it something that causes you stress and worry? In this episode Sally Farrant – aka The Pricing Queen – talks about what gets in the way of us putting up our prices. She explains […]

How Becky Baker turned her puppy mum struggles into the K9Nation app

When Becky Baker welcomed Cockapoo Buddy into her home five years ago she admits she didn’t quite know what had hit her. Sleepless nights, toilet training and constantly worrying whether she was doing things right led her to having the ‘puppy blues.’ But she also had a lightbulb moment – if she was feeling like […]