Getting comfortable, confident and consistent with your pet business content

You know what you offer in your pet business makes a difference, but how do people know you’re there to help if they don’t know what you do? When it comes to creating content to effectively market your work so you CAN reach the people out there who need you, there’s so much conflicting advice. […]

Keeping up with the content monsters so you stay visible with Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This week on the ‘Your Pet Business, Your Way’ podcast, I’m chatting with Natasha Courtenay Smith, a journalist turned digital marketing expert who owns several businesses, including Buddy and Lola, a pet supplement brand. Natasha is a powerhouse with a capital ‘P’ when it comes to marketing, and we discuss content monsters and the lessons […]

Which type of core content is right for your pet business?

Are you thinking of starting a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel and regularly publishing content around your pet business? If so this podcast episode is for you, as it will help you decide which style of content is right for you. And if you choose the one that’s most suited to your skills […]

Behind the scenes – doing visibility my way at Sunnyside Cottage

Fancy a look behind the scenes at some of the things I’ve learned since taking over a dog friendly holiday cottage? I’ve been working with pet business owners for five years but have always felt a little lacking because I didn’t have a pet business of my own. That changed in April 2023 when I […]

Why I trained as an accredited coach and what it means for your pet business

When you’re looking for a pet business coach or mentor, is it important that they are certified? This means that they will have followed a structured training programme, are affiliated with a professional body, and follow a code of ethics. The coaching industry is unregulated, similar to the dog training industry, and anyone can say […]

Profile raising pet business ideas for Spring

Spring is in the air which means lighter mornings and evenings, no need to wrap up and some much needed sunshine. And we can spend more time outdoors enjoying life with our pets.  After a dreary winter, it’s time to lift our spirits, and think of ways to connect with our customers and potential clients […]