Which type of core content is right for your pet business?


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Are you thinking of starting a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel and regularly publishing content around your pet business?

If so this podcast episode is for you, as it will help you decide which style of content is right for you.

And if you choose the one that’s most suited to your skills and taps into what you actually enjoy doing, then it’s more likely that you’ll find creating it enjoyable and remain consistent.

In this episode, I’m going to talk about why you should invest time and resources into creating this type of content and the advantages it brings. 

I’m sharing the various forms your core content can take, from written blog posts and podcast episodes to engaging videos. 

Plus, insights into how often you should be publishing this content and some handy tips on planning it effectively and how I can support you and make this happen.

What is core content?

Core content is content you publish on a regular basis which is the foundation of your content strategy.

It includes answers to common questions around the product or service you provide, and is evergreen, meaning it lasts the test of time.

For example, if you wrote a blog on loose lead walking in 2007, it is likely that what you shared is still relevant now, although you might want to update it.

If you created content about how to use one of your products, or described seven scenarios in which it can help pet parents, this information is likely going to remain the same, regardless of when it’s consumed.

Your content educates, informs and entertains, and showcases your expertise or products. Think of it being like your own newspaper, TV or radio station.

Why create core content for your pet business?

Here are seven of the key benefits in creating core content. 

  1. To have a bank of content that browsers can binge on when they discover you. This sets you apart from your competitors (as most people don’t do this) and builds trust quickly.
  2. To build your authority on Google and search engines. Having lots of content around your topic boosts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This positions your website as a trustworthy source on the topic, improving its ranking on search engines like Google. It also increases opportunities for backlinks from other sites, which further enhances your site’s visibility and credibility.
  3. To position yourself as an expert. If you want to be the go-to person for training Beagles, like Kellie Wynn at The Beagle Lady who I interviewed back in 2020, having tonnes of content related to your topic means you stand out when people are searching and you become known for your thing.
  4. To be found for your key search terms. Consider what they might be? Ask your clients what they put into Google to find you.
  5. To answer common questions. If you can mine these, then when they come up you can direct clients and potential clients to your content. For example, I’m regularly asked about press releases, so by having a free resource on this, I can provide helpful content.
  6. To be a helpful person and serve your clients. One of the great things as a content creator is being able to dig into topics and provide really useful material.
  7. To feed your content. So your social media, email marketing, printed newsletters, graphics and infographics, webinars, tutorials and other marketing materials. 

Remember your core content sits on your website for as long as your site is live. It doesn’t vanish in minutes or hours like on social media.

A report carried out into the lifespan of posts earlier this year found a Facebook post lasted for 105 minutes, a post on X (Twitter) was 24 minutes, on Instagram the duration was 20 hours and on LinkedIn it was 24 hours.

So you can go back to your website and repurpose content you’ve already created into social media posts or email campaigns and you’ve already done the bulk of the work.

What options do you have for your core content?

Your core content is going to be in the form of a blog on your website, so your ow online platform where you share your ideas, experiences, insights, and information.

Your blog is a vital tool for your digital marketing and can feature multimedia elements such as images, videos, podcasts, and infographics to enhance your content engagement. 

The most common types for pet businesses are…

  1. Written blog posts. If you’re considering a written blog, take a look at my podcast and blog post on How to start a pet business blog.
  2. Podcast episodes. If a podcast sounds good to you, I have an episode on Things to consider if you’re starting a pet business podcast.
  3. Videos. If you enjoy video, take a look at this tutorial on How to start a YouTube channel for your pet business.

The important thing is to have the video or podcast embedded on your own website as well as on YouTube or your podcast publishing platform so it’s easy for browsers to find.

How often should you publish your core content?

Find a publishing pattern that’s right for you. Set yourself up for success and think about what is realistic with the other commitments you have.

It might be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, or you might work in seasons, like this podcast where you publish regularly for a set time, then have a break.

It’s Your pet business content, your way, so don’t feel you have to follow a schedule dictated by someone else, do what works for you.

Planning your core content

When you start, consider having a number of posts to publish at the beginning so when people find your blog they have more than one thing to browse through.

Then, it’s a good idea to have a content schedule where you consider the topics you’re going to cover and when you’re going to publish.

Take time to think about what’s happening in your business, what’s happening in the outside world, the products and services you’re going to be promoting when you publish.

For example, if you were running a Keep your pets calm during the fireworks season workshop in October, factor in talking about the topic and urging people to sign up for the workshop.

This is something I work on with clients inside my Pets Get Visible membership where we create a plan for the month ahead each month.

You can find out more about how this can help your business here.


We’ve explored the importance of core content for your pet business and its multiple benefits such as building trust with consumers, establishing authority on search engines, and positioning you as an expert. 

Plus how to plan, produce and repurpose this key content from your website and how it can serve you year after year. 

Be it written blogs, podcasts or videos, your core content could take various forms according to your preferences and digital marketing strategies and help people choose you.

Fancy some support with this? Find out how to join Pets Get Visible: https://publicityforpetbusinesses.mykajabi.com/pets-get-visible

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