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Would you like support in growing your pet business and to feel part of a community by joining a membership?

It can be lonely and overwhelming as a solo business owner, and there are always new skills and challenges to figure out.

Being part of a community of other people who are in your industry and are experiencing the same thing can be valuable and that’s where memberships come in.

Over the last ten years there has been a rise in online communities, and there are many different pet business ones you can be part of.

It might be solely for people who do the same as you, such as a membership for dog trainers, or a broader membership where people who offer products and services for pets come together.

When joining a pet business membership, it’s key to choose the one that’s right for you, and in this episode, I’m exploring the key things to consider.

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Why join a pet business membership?

Research into the benefits of being part of a membership has found that small businesses learn new skills and feel supported.

A report by Higher Logic into the State of Online Communities in 2021 found 64% of small business owners said online communities helped them learn new skills and stay up-to-date on industry trends. 

And 59% of respondents said online communities provided access to experts and mentors that helped them grow their business.

Another study into the The Power of Online Communities for Small Businesses by Zendesk showed that 73% of small businesses reported improved customer satisfaction after joining an online community.

The report found 68% of small businesses said online communities helped them save time by getting answers to questions quickly.

How pet business memberships can help you

Pet business memberships offer specific benefits tailored to the needs of pet industry entrepreneurs. 

These can include:

  • Skill development in key areas like marketing, operations, and customer service
  • Access to industry experts, mentors, and coaches who can provide specialised guidance
  • Opportunities for networking, collaboration, and accountability
  • Time-saving resources like templates, checklists, and on-demand training
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention through learning from others
  • A sense of community and belonging to tackle the isolation of running a solo pet business

Because they’re tailored for pet businesses, they can help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities within the pet industry.

How do you find the right pet business membership for you?

First, what do you need from a membership? 

These are the different kinds of elements you might find…

  • Social media planning.
  • Social media templates and content creation.
  • Support via a Facebook group and learning portal.
  • Group coaching sessions.
  • Peer coaching sessions.
  • Video trainings.
  • Templates and checklists.
  • Live workshops.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • In-person events.
  • Networking.
  • Online networking.
  • Discounts on other products and services from the membership owner.

Do you need hundreds of hours of training from the last 10 years the membership has been running or someone to listen to you and give personalised advice?

You want to get the most from your investment, so consider what kind of elements would be useful for you? 

Researching pet business memberships

Compile a list of the different, reputable memberships that are available and what you get for your money. 

Ask other people in your industry which ones they are part of or have tried.

Search online to find the different options available and if there is anything specific you want to gain from the membership, include that in your search.

For example, to learn about pet business publicity, search for Pet Business Publicity Membership.

If it was SEO, put in SEO training for pet businesses.

Ensure the membership you’re considering will be able to deliver what you need.

What are your pet business membership needs and goals?

What outcome are you looking for from being part of the membership?

It might be business related or it may be more personal, where you’re looking for support and community.

Ensure the group you join is going to provide what you need. Also, consider how long you think you’ll need the membership for?

Is there a minimum term? 

What budget do you have and what is the best value in helping you reach your goals? 

Looking at the reputation of the pet business membership owner

Is the person who runs the membership credible? What’s their experience and area of expertise?

Perhaps they’ve run a pet business themselves and can share their experience and the challenges they encountered so you can navigate them more easily.

They might not have experience in the industry but have expertise in marketing, social media, SEO, press coverage, branding, design, training or implementing systems.

Do they have any accreditation or qualifications for being a coach or mentor? Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you’re looking for an accredited coach or mentor, you might find this post useful Why I trained as a coach and what this means for your pet business.

What’s the coaching style of the pet business membership and the culture?

How do you find the person who runs the membership?

Do they take a person-centred approach, which is more tailored to the individual member, looking at their needs, strengths, learning styles, and personal situation?

Or do they have a specific ‘framework’ or ‘programme’ that members are encouraged to follow?

What is the culture of the membership? Is it gentle and nurturing or will you be pushed and challenged?

It’s a good idea to see how they come across on social media, or they may have a podcast you can listen to and get a feel of what it’s like to work with them.

To learn more about this, read What’s your pet business culture and why it matters.

Check testimonials and reviews of the pet business membership

Can you see evidence of how being part of the membership has served other people? 

How has it helped them? What elements of the membership do they like? Do the reviews appear genuine?

Screenshots and emails, or video testimonials or even podcasts of members sharing their experiences will give you a feel around whether it’s right for you.

How active is the pet business membership founder?

Will you be able to communicate with the founder of the membership directly? 

Usually, they will outline this in a Fair Play Agreement where they share how active they are in the group and their preferred communication styles.

For example, I run all of my workshops and coaching calls myself, and respond and post in the Facebook group each day.

I don’t have a team, and I don’t have any other coaches in my membership. 

But I’ve been in other memberships where the founder is supported by a team of coaches, and it’s most likely they will run the calls, and respond to requests for support.

Will the session delivery style in the membership suit you?

Different memberships have different delivery styles and it’s about finding what works best for you.

For example, some memberships are self-study with no live element. 

Others have live workshops and live coaching calls where you get your individual questions answered.

Call timings vary too, so will you be able to make the live calls if this is something you’ll find useful?

Is the membership platform easy to navigate if you need to watch training on catch up?

Is it a community you want to be a part of?

The community and how you feel inside it will determine how much you use the membership and the value you gain.

Will you have things in common with other members? Are they the kind of people you want to surround yourself with?

I’ve been in communities with people who talked constantly about £10,000 months and swore all the time and I felt totally intimidated, didn’t use it and wasted my money.

Are there other pet professionals in there who are like you? Who you’d like to connect with and collaborate with? These are signs it’s the right membership for you.

Making your decision

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking to join a pet business membership and I hope this round-up has been helpful.

Choose the pet business membership that’s most aligned with your goals and gives the resources, support and community you need.

Look for membership programmes led by accredited experts who can provide personalised coaching and guidance. 

Consider the strength of the community and the opportunities for collaboration – this supportive environment can be invaluable in helping your pet business thrive.

Finally, if you’re thinking about joining my membership, here’s an overview of what to expect.

The Pets Get Visible membership includes:

  • Learning resources library with templates, worksheets and videos on marketing topics
  • Monthly live workshops on visibility and publicity
  • Monthly forward planning resources and content inspiration
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls for personalised support
  • 3 monthly co-working sessions to get content created
  • Private community Facebook group for support and collaboration
  • Directory listing on the top UK pet blog, The Paw Post

All for £30 per month, providing an affordable way to feel confident and consistent with their marketing.

You can get a 50% discount on your first month, meaning it’s just £15 – join Pets Get Visible for just £15.

Plus, read or listen to Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you?

Or if you’d prefer one-to-one support, book a call and let’s chat.

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Would you like support in growing your pet business and to feel part of a community by joining a ...

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