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Are you ready to plan out 2024 for your pet business?

Whether the start of the New Year has you brimming with enthusiasm or you’d rather ease yourself in gently, it’s likely you’ve been thinking about what you’d like to accomplish.

And if you’d like some structure and support around this, I’d love to invite you to a ‘Plan Your Prosperous 2024’ workshop.

It’s happening on Tuesday, January 9th, at 7 pm, and there is a replay if you can’t make it live.

Together we’ll look at your personal, financial, and visibility goals for the year and plan out your publicity too.

We’ll refresh your pet business vision and focus on who your clients are, what they need, and how you can connect with them.

This podcast gives an overview of what to expect from the workshop, and you can book your place by clicking here.

Key topics and timings

Introduction and what to expect (0.12)

What to do if you’d like to come along to the Plan Your Prosperous 2024 workshop at 7pm on January 9th 2024 (1.02)

What to expect from the workshop and the cost (£30)

Why plan in the first place (2.32)

Forward planning as a journalist (3.02)

What happens when life gets in the way and how a plan can help (4.30)

What’s covered in the session, personal, financial and visibility goal (6.30)

Taking care of you (7.30)

The content refresh and finding content you enjoy (8.12)

Creating a publicity plan (9.12)

The publicity you control (10.12)

How to join the workshop (12.34)

What to do if you’re listening after the workshop has taken place (13.42)

Links mentioned in this episode

Download the Plan Your Prosperous 2024 workbook for FREE here

Join Pets Get Visible and get the workshop and a month of support for £30 here

There is no minimum commitment.

Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you


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Are you ready to plan out 2024 for your pet business? Whether the start of the New Year has yo...

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