Why I’ve rebuilt the Publicity for Pet Businesses membership and what’s inside


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Is getting media coverage on the list of things you would like to achieve for your pet business?

Would you like to work with journalists and be featured in newspapers, magazines or on the radio?

Maybe you’ve seen other pet business owners appear in the media and wonder how you might be able to do the same.

If the answer’s yes, then you might be interested in joining the Publicity for Pet Businesses membership programme.

It’s a 12 month long programme where you will learn everything you need to secure publicity for your pet business.

It covers the publicity you can create on your own platforms, so your blog, social media and other communication channels.

AND you learn how to get publicity in the mainstream media, so newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows, and on podcasts, blogs and other outlets where your ideal customer might consume content.

In this episode I’m going to share what’s inside the membership and how it can help you if you’re thinking of working on getting publicity for your business.

You can listen to this episode as a podcast on the player link or read as a blog post below.

Why I’ve rebuilt the programme

After running two rounds of the Publicity for Pet Businesses online course, I decided to make it into a membership programme as I learned support was needed over a longer period.

The course still takes place over 12 weeks, but the cost of the course is spread out over a year, and you have a year of support in the membership.

You can go through the programme as many times as you like in that time.

When the membership launched, I wanted to provide additional support, so I put on sessions covering forward planning, blogging and social media.

I brought in guest speakers like Janet Murray, May King Tsang, Jenna Sloan, Anna Webb and Jill Foster, so members could learn lots of other skills to support the press side of the programme.

At the end of last year, I realised I needed to give it some structure, and from January 2021, the course will focus on two types of publicity.

These are:

The hype you can create on your own platforms, so your blog, social media, newsletter and any other communications.

The publicity you can create on other people’s platforms, so newspapers, magazines, Tv, Radio, online publications, and blogs, podcasts and working with influencers.

How does the membership work?

It’s an online coaching programme and community for pet business owners who want to learn how to boost the visibility of their brand.

Inside the membership you’ll have access to the Publicity for Pet Businesses course which has led to hundreds of pieces of press, radio and TV coverage for pet business owners – this is the Publicity Spotlight programme.

And as of January 2021, I will be building the Publicity Foundations programme, which is the publicity you can create on your own platforms, with guest speakers and 12 weeks of coaching.

There is also a Facebook group where you can share ideas, ask for feedback on press releases, pitches and any other projects you may be working on.

You can find experts and people to collaborate with and the aim is create a supportive community where your pet business can thrive.

Every month there are at least six live classes which you can come along too, and each one is geared towards helping you raise the profile of your pet business.

What kind of results can I expect?

The results will depend on how much time and effort you are able to put into the programme as it does require you to be self-motivated and to do the work.

Kim O’Donnell joined the first programme to learn how to promote her pet accessory business, Leo, Charley and Me, and has since appeared in national newspapers including the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sunday Express, The Sun, The Sunday Mirror, Daily Star and Your Dog magazine plus lots of regional titles.

Kim shares her story here: How Kim went from being invisible to having a global pet business.

Suzanne Gould from Edinburgh Holistic Dogs started the programme in February and won coverage in the Telegraph, the Scotsman, Edinburgh News, Woman and Home, BBC Radio Scotland and Edition Dog.

Suzanne shares her story here: How Suzanne went from shy dog walker to trainer to the stars.

Photographer Kerry Jordan joined in February and appeared in the Times twice, Woman and Home magazine, Surrey Life and BBC Radio Surrey, plus lots of regional coverage for her National Dog Photography Day.

Kerry shares her story here: How Kerry used an awareness day to raise the profile of her photography business.

Julie Maxted from DogG8 featured in 12 publications in six months, including Your Dog, Puppy Post, Edition Dog, Caravan Life and The Sun and is being filmed for a Channel 5 TV show.

Julie shares her story on the podcast here: How Julie secured 12 pieces of coverage in six months!

What kind of pet businesses are in the membership?

We have dog walkers, trainers and groomers, vets, behaviourists, boutique cattery owners and a cat grass business.

There are lots of pet product makers from dog gates to crate covers to leads, collars and bandanas.

We have a pet photographer, Kerry Jordan, and a resident pet business website expert Rosie Robinson to help with questions about websites and SEO.

During the last round, Rosie and I did a bonus Get Your Pet Business Found on Google programme over four weeks.

What is the investment?

It costs £97 a month or £997 for the year.

If you do need additional support one to one, members receive 50% off power hours so these are £97 instead of £197.

Is there anything for me to do once I’ve been through the Publicity Course?

You’ll regularly have new masterclasses, meet the journalist or guest speaker session.

We’ve had masterclasses on FOMO creation with May King Tsang, Janet Murray covering Creating Engaging Content. Photography with Kerry Jordan, Pet Business Websites and SEO with Rosie Robinson and Social Media with Helen Motteram.

On the ‘Meet the journalist’ sessions, a journalist comes in to chat to the members and there is a question and answer session.

Each member is invited to connect with the journalist afterwards and so far guests have been Anna Webb, Jill Foster, Jenna Sloan and Jane Common.

Is there anything to support me?

Yes, each member has a workbook with space to make notes from the sessions and fill in details about their business.

Inside are templates and checklists which you will use while working on your publicity.

There will be coworking sessions where you can spend time on social media posts, SEO, writing books, newsletters, blog posts and reports and we get a chance to have a chat afterwards.

We also have a Mock Interview at the end of each programme where members can send a pitch and Suzanne Elsworth interviews them.

This is as close to a real life scenario as I can possibly create and it is fantastic in building confidence with the members.

The camaraderie and support from the group is what people say they love about the programme, so sharing ideas and celebrating each other’s wins.

Where can I access the information?

All the recordings are stored inside a membership site which you can log into and find the class or resource you need.

I upload each of the live classes into the Facebook group after the session so if you miss one, you can watch it back.

For the January 2021 intake, I’m really excited to have a new community manager, Sophie Flint, who is an experienced PR and journalist.

Sophie will be supporting the members and will be inside the Facebook group directing them to materials and making sure everyone has the help they need.

What if I can’t keep up?

All the classes are recorded so you can watch back in your own time, but I know that if you fall behind, it’s harder to catch up.

This is why I re-run the main course every four months, so in the year you are in the membership, you have three chances to go through it.

What if I don’t like live classes or can’t make the times?

I do need to have the classes at set times, and if you can, if you’re investing then try to come along live particularly for the 12 week PR course.

You can watch the videos in your own time.

What if I want to leave?

The membership is priced on the basis that you will be part of it for a year, so the cost is spread out.

If you leave before the end of the year, you won’t have access to the materials. I would ask that if you have any reservations about being part of it for a year, that you consider not joining as I do want members to be committed to the programme,

Should you leave after the end of the year, you will have access to the core publicity programme, but not the Facebook group or any future classes.

Where can I sign up for the Publicity for Pet Businesses Membership?

To join the membership, go to Join the Publicity for Pet Businesses Membership sign up page here.

You will be asked to put in your bank card details and have the choice of setting up a monthly  payment or paying in one go.

The payment will be taken automatically, and if you have any other questions about the membership, e mail me, Rachel@rachelspencerwrites.com


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