In the spotlight with Helen King from Scotty’s Cartoons

Helen ‘Scotty’ King is a cartoonist and illustrator supporting business owners in the pet industry by bringing their messages to life. She works with all kinds of clients, including holiday cottage owners, product makers, coaches, and people providing pet services, capturing the essence of what they do. Helen says she was ‘rubbish’ at drawing growing […]

Harnessing your strengths to grow your pet business with Sasha Louise Smith

Can playing to your strengths rather than focusing on your challenges help you feel more comfortable with self-promotion? Sasha Louise Smith, a life coach supporting dog professionals, says embracing what makes you unique can help your business thrive, on your own terms. Sasha has worked in the dog industry since 2015, as a walker, trainer […]

Growing a successful online dog training business with Caroline Wilkinson

What do you need to create a successful online dog training business? Caroline Wilkinson from Barket Place is a dog trainer, behaviourist, and online pet coach who created her digital business way before the world went online and she’s sharing her experience in this podcast chat. Her background is in digital marketing, and when her […]

Keeping up with the content monsters so you stay visible with Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This week on the ‘Your Pet Business, Your Way’ podcast, I’m chatting with Natasha Courtenay Smith, a journalist turned digital marketing expert who owns several businesses, including Buddy and Lola, a pet supplement brand. Natasha is a powerhouse with a capital ‘P’ when it comes to marketing, and we discuss content monsters and the lessons […]

Grow your pet business through in-person networking with Hayley Hilton

Can you grow a pet service business via in-person networking? Hayley Hilton, a canine massage practitioner and pet sitter says ‘yes you can.’ Hayley has been in the pet industry since 2014 after she started her own Hotel for Dogs. Later, she studied to become a massage therapist and wanted to get the word out […]

Step away from the crowd and tune in to what your clients want with Hayley Bonwick

What if the path to growing your pet business wasn’t following the latest trends on social media but involved listening to people instead? That’s what Hayley Bonwick discovered worked for her when she set up her handmade pet accessory business Handmade by Hayley B. Hayley found trying to keep up with the ever changing demands […]

The power of building relationships to grow your business with Kerry Jordan

Kerry Jordan is an award-winning dog photographer and founder of National Dog Photography Day, an event that goes viral every year. She works with small pet brands helping them showcase their work beautifully through her photography. Kerry says the key thing she has done to grow her business is build relationships with people in her […]