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What if the path to growing your pet business wasn’t following the latest trends on social media but involved listening to people instead?

That’s what Hayley Bonwick discovered worked for her when she set up her handmade pet accessory business Handmade by Hayley B.

Hayley found trying to keep up with the ever changing demands of platforms completely overwhelming.

Yet when she went to events with her flyball team and local shows, she LOVED chatting to people about what they needed for their dogs.

So instead of following the crowd, she tuned in to her community and made products for them – things they told her they wanted.

Click on the player link below to tune in to this episode where Hayley talks about how this has helped build her confidence and create a business she loves.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

How Hayley started her pet accessories business (1.43)

Building a hobby business alongside a full-time job (3.02)

Overcoming the fear of talking about her products as a new business (4.24)

Stepping away from social media and making connections (6.59)

Working with her local flyball team on products (8.26)

How Hayley got into Flyball (10.58)

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to be proud of what you do (12.44)

How investing in support helped Hayley gain confidence (14.58)

Why there’s no point in trying to do things you can’t stand to promote your work (19.57)

How real-life connections make up for 50% of Hayley’s sales (22.42)

Where Hayley gets her inspiration for her products (23.26)

Using stories to feel more comfortable in your marketing (28.19)

Why it’s ok not to be a follower (31.39)

How to find out more about Hayley (33.53)

My Pets Get Visible membership and how you can get support and connect with people like Hayley (34.10)

Links mentioned in this episode: 

Hayley’s website:

Check out her new enrichment range that she chats about here:

Follow Hayley on Facebook:

Connect on Instagram:

Find out more about Pets Get Visible: Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you?

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What if the path to growing your pet business wasn’t following the latest trends on social media ...

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