Using your creativity and AI tools to streamline your pet business content


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Are you wondering whether you should use tools like ChatGPT and other AI platforms in your pet business content marketing? 

Perhaps you’ve read the headlines and are feeling uncertain about whether they’re right for you, or you’re curious as to how they could help? 

In this podcast episode, I’m talking about how AI is in our everyday lives, whether we like it or not.

Plus how these tools can only help us if we begin the creative process ourselves, by feeding AI what we want to work with. 

It’s about striking the balance so you can maintain your unique voice and brand identity while using AI technology without sacrificing creativity and taking away what makes you you!

In no way do I feel AI can replace us, and I’m definitely not suggesting you hand over your content marketing to the robots. 

But AI can streamline your content creation process and save you precious time as a pet business owner, and this is something we all need.

I’m sharing different ways you can use AI to work with your own creative ideas and content you’ve already made.

You’ll also hear examples from pet businesses about how they’ve utilized AI and how I’m using it in my own content (Including the headline for this post).

Key topics and timings in this episode:

Introduction and what to expect from this episode (0.02)

Having an open mind when it comes to AI tools (1.02)

Seeing behind the headlines around AI (1.47)

Why you can’t just expect these tools to do everything for you (3.13)

Is AI ripping off entire blogs or is it dodgy marketing companies? (3.51)

How AI is already in tools we use every day (5.02)

QUOTE: “It’s dangerous to be resistant to new ideas. Doesn’t mean you’re going to embrace them ever, but just being flat-out resistant usually is not a great long-term strategy for your business.” This quote is from Rochelle Moulton from The Business of Authority Podcast. (6.12)

Poll results on people using these tools (6.32)

How Gemma Rice used ChatGPT to sell out a workshop (10.43)

How Sarah Jones used ChatGPT to create her ‘naked without Yellow’ campaign (12.01)

How I’m using AI tools for blogs, emails, podcasts, social media, and for checking how thorough I’m being with my work (13.57)

What Anna from the Dog House Leicester and I did on her AI coaching call (22.45)

Working with Debbie from Redhound for Dogs on revamping her existing content with AI (25.13)

QUOTE: “It’s kind of like I have a first drafter, like an intern type of employee who understands my stuff and can do a good first pass.” This quote is from Johnathan Stark from The Business of Authority Podcast (27.47)

How you can gain support with your content marketing and using AI either one to one or inside of my Pets Get Visible membership. (28.51)

Links mentioned in this episode:

Listen to the Business of Authority Podcast:

Learn more about working together on AI for your pet business and your content marketing in my Pets Get Visible membership. Is my Pets Get Visible membership right for you?

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Check out MagAI – this is an affiliate link meaning if you click through and buy I will be paid a small commission but this doesn’t affect the price you pay and helps support this podcast.

Website: Debbie from Redhound for Dogs

Website: Anna at The Dog House Leicester

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Are you wondering whether you should use tools like ChatGPT and other AI platforms in your pet bu...

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